Friday, February 12, 2010

Makin' Valentines.. :)

I got the idea from Skip to my lou blog.. We made kitty valentines last year, and Haley had so much fun making her own, that she asked if we could do it again this year :)

So.....I agreed. We made 27 of these..

She was so excited to be able to pass them out today :) The head of the lady bug is made out of a tootsie lollipop with black tissue paper covering it :)

She wanted to also be all "hearts" today. She wanted to wear a skirt and a heart shirt :) So I did some heart hair too that I saw on a hair blog I follow. :)

I can't wait to hear how her day went today :) She couldn't wait til the party at school :)

(Easton wanted transformer I was thankful I didn't have to make his as well, although it was torture getting him to write his name on them and his classmates names..haha So I am not sure which was worse ;) He was also excited about his school party today and had a fun day! Its so funny, he thinks his birthday is on valentines day ;) but...indeed it is not! its tomorrow! ACK!! How will he be 6??)

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