Thursday, September 30, 2004

What's she gonna do?

Will she fizzle? or will she blow? Mount St Helens is cranky. While listening to the news report this morning, the scientists sounded a lot like my perinatologists when I was in preterm labor with the twins. "Well there is a 70% chance she will do this, and a 30% chance this could happen, 1 out of 3 do that. She could erupt a day from now, or a month from now. Honestly, we just don't know what to expect and we will take one day at a time and hope for the best. "Well, Duh. Something is gonna happen and they can do all the tests they want and still won't know for sure. Its just a waiting game. Thats what I did with the girls, waited, got prodded, poked and tested. I held off for 26 days. Maybe Mount St. Helens can to. You never know. You can't make an accurate guess on what God has in store. That was an important lesson I learned. When Mount St Helens erupted in 1980, I was exactly 2 months old. Isn't that crazy? I lived in California at the time. My husband was 2 months & 1 week. He lived here in Oregon. He doesn't remember it though ;) hehe. It will be interesting to see what the volcano decides to do, I wonder if it will be an even bigger explosion then they think, or nothing at all.

Beautiful moment.

There is nothing better then the feeling you get when you hold a sweet sleeping baby on your chest. The feeling of their comfort as they snuggle in and fall softly into a deep slumber. Feeling their heartbeat and their chest rise and fall against yours. Their little sighs and lip smacking. How their little lips stick together in the most perfect kiss shape. Their eyelashes look so long and soft. Their little cheeks turn pink from the warmth. How at peace they are. You wonder what they dream. You wonder what they are thinking. You wonder if they feel the same way you do- that you both hold the most precious thing in the world. Ahh...babies. What a wonderful gift.

Already Thursday?

What happen to Wednesday? Where did it go? Oh, that's right, I blinked. Phew! What a day. I woke up this morning with 1 hour to get ready, get the kids ready and get my husband out the door. Harder then I thought. Today was 2nd week of bible study, first week for me. I got there 15 min late. Such is life. After dropping a tearful princess off in the childcare, and taking a snotty prince with me, I sit and try to catch my breath. I listen to the study, which I did not have before today. So I followed along. Afterwards, I met with two other women and our children over Mcnuggets and Fries at the mall to discuss crafts for our upcoming mom 2 mom meetings. You remember my 2 year old? Yes, she was there. Who wouldn't notice? She sat eating for 20 min. I was impressed. But, she got bored quickly and wanted out of the highchair. I then struggled to keep her entertained, still, and quiet for the next 30 minutes, although it seemed like 2 hrs. The people at the table next to us had a nifty stroller/ car looking thing. Haley found it. I took her out 2 times. She found the picture booth. I took her out once. She dropped her mimi, (pacifier) 5 times. She threw her cup 3 times. She dumped out my fries. She drew on the hello kitty toaster toy. She colored on my notes. She ripped out pages in my notebook. I stood up holding her, I sat down holding her. I rocked her, I gave her the mommy look. I finally called her father and told him we were almost done, to please come get us. During all this, the prince cried, fussed, ate half his pears, drank half a bottle and was rocked to sleep and put back in his carseat. I got home, put them both down for a nap, to which the little prince refused. I researched some craft stuff, checked my email, talked to my sister, returned a phone call and I made dinner. I put the prince back down for the 2nd attempt at nap, and changed the 4th poopy diaper. My husband came home, we ate dinner, we re packed the baby bag, changed into our Awana Cubbie shirts, and dropped the kids off at my inlaws(since the prince had snot*) I played with 4, four year olds, listened to their bible verses, helped them with a craft, then sent them home with their parents. I stayed for a meeting for the upcoming Harvest Carnival. I then waited for my husband to finish playing basketball in the gym, because they needed him...they only had 9....whatever. We get to my inlaws at 10pm. We talk til 11ish, we get home, get the kids to bed, and watch our tivo'd shows. (isn't Lost great???) I just now, finished pumping. (Yes, I can pump and type two handed :) another fabulous talent) and now ready to crawl into bed. Was today even today? Wow. I am so tired. stay in your pj's all day, don't do anything but sit and relax day.

*Snot= no child can attend childcare at church if they have a fever, colored snot or diarrhea. Gee, wonder where he got it...maybe childcare?? At least I am not passing it back. Although maybe I should. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Big blue booger sucker

The little prince is sick. I hate it when my babies are sick. I feel so bad because there is only so much you can do, and they don't understand why they feel like they do. He is so stuffy, so snotty, he snorts. Overall he seems happy, just tired. I just had to use the dreaded big blue booger sucker, aka Bulb Syringe. I am a pro with that thing. I am usually the one voted to do it. Kyle blames it on being left-handed that he can't do it very well. (ya right! nice excuse, he just doesn't want to be the one known for using the torture device.) Yes, it is a lot like torture. You have to hold their head to one side, and usually an arm or two as well, then you squeeze, shove the little tip up their nose, and release while the nasty gurgling sound of mucus pours into the main compartment of the sucker. While doing this, most the time its so thick that it just makes strings from their nose to the towel you are using. That's when you need to learn to be quick. Not only by the first few times of doing it they are screaming, you now have snot strings cascading from their nose, you learn the art of big blue booger sucking. There are many techniques to it. I have gotten so good at it, that on most occasions, I don't have tears. Usually its quick, painless, fightless, and Ta Da! nose is clear and they can breathe for about 2 minutes.

We were once spoiled though, with Haley, we were given a suction aspirator. It looked something like that. Kinda scary looking, but I tell ya, it was the best thing we ever had. You turned it on, and just held it close to the nose and bye bye boogie snot! It had a great suction on it. No, it didn't hurt, but it sure did clear her nose in 3 seconds flat. It was a life saver. We were sad when she no longer needed it. Thinking back, I can't believe they let us rent one. I think it was because in the NICU, we were so use to seeing them used, that to use the blue sucker, felt like using a cell phone that still only worked in your car. It just wasn't done. The only downside with the machine, was the contents of the nose went into a clear bucket. So whatever came out, you saw floating in water. It was gross, and the smell wasn't so pleasant either.

So now, its just me, the big blue booger sucker and Easton's nose. I will get the job done :)

Monday, September 27, 2004

855 days ago..

Haley was a tiny little micro preemie. I occasionally take a few pictures of her with her pepsi bottle and her carseat, to show how much she has grown. Isn't it amazing?

Haley at one month of age..with her 20 oz pepsi bottle.

Haley at 2 years 4 months with the same bottle.

Haley 2 months 21 days old..going home...

Haley at 2 years 4 months hanging out :)

Friday, September 24, 2004

Here is the princess...

We took pictures of Easton at 6 mo and then in their football uniforms. I will get the one of all 3 of them scanned soon. It was adorable. Daddy wore his football jersey and had his helmet and some pompoms for props. Haley got this cheerleading uniform from grandma, before she was even born. They just came out with mini football jerseys for babies. So perfect timing. Go Willamette Bearcats! Haley says "TOUCHDOWN!"

My little prince is growing up..

I just got his 6 month pictures back. I wish I had splurged on getting the pictures via email. But we didn't so here they are scanned. That isn't illegal is it? haha Enjoy :)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Big Red Bird. Named Robin

Tonight, we went to Red Robin...I actually recall making the comment as we stepped inside, "we haven't been to a restaurant for awhile...*chuckle* I guess we will see how it goes, it will decide whether or not we can start going again". You see, when you have children, the whole world of restaurants become almost non-existent. You become very familiar with nuggets, fries and a drive thru. With a baby its not so bad..its when they hit that wonderful age of 1. They no longer sit and and enjoy the surroundings, they move, they throw things, they want down, they cry, they scream, they make a mess. You shudder when someone suggests something other then "fast". You warn all involved that it may not be pleasant.

Ok, so we decided to test our luck. Thank goodness it was just my other half and our offspring. It starts out well, we sit, the princess is happily coloring on the menu they gave her. The prince sits in his carseat next to me, intrigued with the little coaster I gave him. Can this be? I took a sigh of relief...can we actually step foot back in restaurants that their food doesn't come in a wrapper?

Well, not on Thursday nights. Guess who made his grand appearance? yes, Mr Red Robin himself. The bird came out for a meet and greet. A parade around the table and chairs. You are thinking to yourself.. 'OH, NO. She is afraid of the bird. I bet she screamed.' Well, you are wrong. She LOVES that bird. She starts frantically waving at him from across the room. Screaming over and over again in toddlerese...something only other 2 year olds can understand. She was ecstatic. You would think it was The Wiggles, or Dora the famous Explorer. So I take her over to him, she runs and hugs his legs. Giggling endlessly, she blows him kisses, dances, and waves. It was so very sweet, customers were ahhing, and oohing. Commenting to me how adorable she is.

Well, thats when the cute ends and the toddler begins. It was time for the bird to move on, and for us to sit and eat our food, and that was unsatisfactory for the princess, she disagreed with mommys decision. Screaming and pleading her case in a different language, I take her back to our chairs. Her father rejoins us, and she calms herself but continues yelling across the room to the bird. "Hey bird, hey bird, hey bird" waving like crazy. Once normal giggles, have now turned into a high pitched screetch... even worse when she realizes the bird is ignoring her pleas. She wasn't doing anything wrong technically. She was just excited to see the bird. We tried to explain to her what a quiet voice meant and how he had to visit other boys and girls, but at 2, you don't understand. You think the world is ending because the bird isn't giving you 100% attention. A teenage girl, turned and shot me the look of death, she asked our waitress if she and her mother could move far, far away from this child. Right then and there, I cursed her with having a high maintenance child 100 times worse then what she was seeing. She deserves it, come on girly, learn some patience! So shortly after, I apologized to the waitress and I asked if we could eat outside. So there we are, the only couple eating on the deck, with our two children. Why? Because my child was interrupting people, with her excitement over a person in a bird suit. She continued her cries to get back inside to see the bird while we sat at the metal table. The whole time we were out there, she tried opening the door to get back to the bird, she laid on the ground and cried, she waved to the door as if he was on the other side, looking back at her. We finished our meal, paid and went on our way. As we walked back through to get to the car, she scanned the area for her idol. You could tell she was trying to spot him. He was out front, she waved again several times, gave him a high five, and then cried her big alligator tears, as we walked away from him to get in the car.

We wondered what people were thinking, "Oh..I feel sorry for them, how embarrassing" or , "wow, they have a lot of patience" or maybe even "I remember those days". I am sure all of the above. But what can you do? Its life, and with a toddler thats what happens. You learn not to go to Red Robin on Thursdays. You also learn that meals in a box are called 'happy' for a reason.

By the way, the prince, he was fine..the life of a baby...give him a coaster and he will be happy forever. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The smell of burnt Mac n Cheese

is not so pretty...the smell of it still in the BOX...even worse! *blah* I was making mac n cheese for lunch, and I turned on the burner while I was filling the pot with hot water. The princess grabbed the box and was pretending to eat the noodles on the front of it (so cute!) and then set it on the counter, well, so I thought. I noticed a burning that really stinks smell and realized she set it on the hot burner...YIKES. I grabbed it just before it burst into flames. Ok, so it was just starting to smoke. ;) The box has 3 brown burn rings..haha. There were even burnt noodles in the box, so I had to pick those out. You ask how it tasted?Well, just like it smelled. haha The princess didn't seem to mind. Thankgoodness she didn't touch the burner with her hand instead. * note to self don't turn on the burner before setting a pot on it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Embarrassing moment # 354

I told you I would have something else to write about. :) The UPS man came by this morning and asked if we would hold on to the package for the people across the street. My husband said sure. So its been in the entry way. Now, you see I am a stay at home mom, that means I stay at home most days. We usually don't venture outside unless needed. I normally go get the mail by now, but that would require doing my hair and make up before doing so, and that hasn't happen yet today. Well, Kyle has gone in and out the door 4 times today..and he is notorious for putting stinky dirty code brown diapers outside the front door. And on occasion code yellow as well. So to embarrassing moment #354.. I am sure you know where I am going with guessed it. The neighbor came by to get her package..and to my HORROR, there are like 6, I repeat 6 diapers and a wipes bag?? outside my door.... why the heck a wipes bag, who knows..but oh my..I almost died, at least I didn't notice the usual smell of poop when there are diapers hanging around at the door. . but still. I am sure you can tell I am NOT the one who does this. I only put one there if its red alert..but with the intention of taking it to the can as soon as I get a free second. Kyle on the other hand...I think he thinks its another version of the diaper genie, because he has A. put them there today, on several occasions I am assuming. and B. walked by them 4 times, with out taking them 5 ft to the garbage can. . the only thing I could mutter to my neighbor was...oh husband was suppose to take these to the garbage. She laughed and said.."haha my husband". As IF I was lying!! As IF I put them there.. ohhhh I am so embarrassed. Kyle will not be putting diapers outside the front door anymore, I can tell you that much.

Is it just me or is today kinda dull?

Not a whole lot is going on. I don't have alot to say. I am sure something will come to me later. Although two things happened that were pretty funny this morning. The prince peed on our bed while awaiting a shower with his daddy. I knew it would happen. I was waiting for the "ok bring him in" and I laid him on his naked little tummy, for fear of getting aimed at..and sure enough, he peed like I said he would. haha Then later I went into my bathroom..and I hear this..."mahma....where are you!?" LOL I think that is the Princess' very first sentence. She of course found me. haha and so it begins..I will no longer get privacy in the bathroom, for the next..huh..I still follow my mom to the bathroom. So I guess that means, never. haha

Monday, September 20, 2004

What to do with boxes..

First of all let me tell you this..we went to Costco yesterday and I was so excited that I had a coupon for Huggies. You see a box of 144 diapers costs 29.99 for a size 4. Which is what the princess wears. It was 3.00 off! whoo hoo! but the downside..was we also needed another box, of size 3 for the prince. (Can you believe he is almost in the same size she is?? ) Since I only had one coupon we got him Pampers, because I like the way the crusiers fit him...even though he isn's crusing yet. Why bother right? I should have gotten the box of Huggies that have 12 more diapers in them. Why didn't I? Because they are cute, blue and have seseme street on them, ok? haha but back to my point, we walked out spending $56.98 on diapers alone. We do that every 3-4 weeks. I think, I never really have looked at how often we have to buy them, seems like its a constant thing we run out of. Gee, wonder why... ;)

But now to the real point...what the heck do I do with the boxes they come in!? My garage is starting to look like its a home for all lost empty diaper boxes..they are taking over! What should I do with them? its insane how many are in there! not to mention the human size ones that At Home America stuff comes in from the parties I have. Boxes are coming out of my ears!

I have spotted a tooth!

The prince finally popped a tooth! He has been teething for months, and Saturday I decided to see if anything was going on yet, and there it was! His right bottom tooth is breaking through. I am so happy for him, yet I feel so bad, I am sure that is just so painful. Thank goodness for Hylands teething tablets. Those things really do help. I know from personal experience. My wisdom teeth are partly in, and it can be so painful at times. I pop a few tablets and the pain is gone :)

So now I know that the extremely excessive drool and crankiness has been because the prince has been cutting a tooth. At 7 months (5mo 3wks adjusted) He has his first tooth! YEAH!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Todays Topic. Poop.

I bet you weren't ready for that one. haha This morning, the Princess pooped in the toilet. YEAH!! it was her first time. She has peed in it about 50/50, but today was the first for poops. I am so proud of her! I think we are getting closer and closer to chucking the diapers. But all in her own time. I don't want to force her. My little girl is growing up! Oh ya, and the little Prince pooped for me today too. Thats a regular everyday occurance. I am so lucky!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Chaos! It's complete cHaOs!!

Its 2:21, normally, Haley is nicely napping away and Easton is either napping or playing quietly. Today is different. My nieces are here. They are 5.5 and 3. Haley was in her crib, of course heard them, and is now coloring with them on the pretend box in the living room. I asked them to be quiet probably a million times..and guess who is now up? Easton! Yeah!! haha big ol crazy party in my living room :) Fun times right? I am so happy my kids have cousins. It would be sad if they didn't. I loved growing up with my 20+ :) and now most of them all have kids, and our kids all play together. I just wish they lived closer. Its rainy looking out too. Wouldn't it be nice if all the raindrops, were lemondrops and gumdrops? Oh, what a rain that would be! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Wanna see proof of my wild child?

A picture is worth a thousand words! :)

Thats pudding, just so you know ;)

Beautiful Allie flew to Heaven on Monday

Little Allie Scott flew to heaven Monday night. Please say a prayer for her parents. Losing a child is the hardest grief ever imaginable. Click here for an update. If you want to donate money to the Team 12 South Angels and help Allie and Sam "Light the Night" to Cure Leukemia click here.

They have already surpassed their goal of 25K, and are well on their way to 50K. Its amazing the support this little girl and her parents have. She has touched so many lives of strangers across the globe.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Rockin and a Rollin..

He rolled! well ok, he has rolled, a few times actually. Maybe a handful in the last few months. He has done it both ways. But nothing ever put him on his belly and he rolls...put him back on his belly and he rolls...until RIGHT NOW! :) He rolled over and smiled at me as I was updating the blog...and so I grabbed my camera, set him back up...Ta Da!!!!

On his belly....



Way to go little buddy!!!

What kind of Freaky Mom am I?

I borrowed this little quiz from Erin, a wonderful blog I enjoy reading.
Surprise surprise I got...

Girly Mama 2
You're a girl power mommy! You love to be girly,
but you're no pushover. Your kids are learning
that gender differences don't have to mean
gender inequality. You've taken back pink, and
you don't care who knows it!

HAha! Just call me Bubbles!

What kind of a freaky mother are you?

Saturday, September 11, 2004

When the world stood still...

3 years ago today, the world stood still as we watched an act of terrorism on Americas soil. Do you remember where you were that day? I was on my way to my sisters house that morning to watch her kids. I was her nanny. I woke her up and turned on her tv. We sat on her bed watching as the 2nd plane hit and as they collapsed, we watched all day. For weeks all I did was watch the news. I was numb, in shock and terrified. All the patriotism was amazing..the flags on every car, flags on buildings, windows, houses...we had gone to a candlelight vigil at the waterfront near the capital building. It was so was an amazing feeling of community, a sense of passion for America, something that was lacking. I wish the passion lasted longer, it was like as soon as the flags started fading on the cars, so did the patriotism. Our lives whether we were directly affected or not, are forever changed. I send many prayers to the families and friends of the victims and the heroes. We will always remember.

Friday, September 10, 2004

A little girl and her parents need your prayers.

Her name is Allie. You may or may not have already heard about her. Her story is circling the internet like fire. She is losing her battle with Leukemia. Please say a prayer for her to pass peacefully. And hug your babies tight. No parent should ever have to make a decision like this, or deal with the loss of a child. Its heartrenching. This is bringing up alot of emotions for me with Ashlyn. Reading Jennys posts, all sound so familar..and I keep thinking, Allie wont get to do this, or that ..and I remember, Ashlyn never did either and never will. I just feel for Allies parents, I know what they are going through, living in the hospital, making life long friends, the nurses become your support. We were able to leave the hospital with Haley though and that did make a difference, but the experience is forever etched in my heart, I had to leave one baby behind. It was hard to accept that only one was going home. I was mourning my daughter and my pregnancy that was cut short, and at the same time celebrating my little miracle going home. So bittersweet. We really didnt know what to do with ourselves when we took her home. We had been away for 4 months, life keep on going and we felt like we had been at a standstill. In a completely different world. And now, 2 years later, the words" God is in control, He has a plan, and it was meant to be" dont cause as much pain as they once did. I still dont agree with what happen, I will always ask "why" but each day goes by I am accepting it a little more. I am a changed person since Ashlyns death. My faith is stronger now then ever before. I have been able to help others with their grief of losing a child. Haley is going to be the March of Dimes ambassador for our area for Walkamerica(a prematurity campaign). From our experience our lives have changed. Ashlyn is forever in my heart, she is with us everyday. I know she is with Haley as well. Haley has shown little signs that I know her twin sister is with her daily. She is still to little to understand, but I hope someday she can tell me about her. About the angel that touched our lives.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

2 year old little girl, up for sale...

Ever have one of those days? Where you are willing to sell your child to the highest bidder? I know her grandparents would buy her and then sell her back to me when I asked..but goodness, could she be any more "2"!? Yesterday she was into everything and anything. I love her personality so much, but some days, I can only handle so much. She is a smart girl, friendly, full of love, sweetness, creativity, but alot of fire. Some days I wonder where it all came from..oh wait thats right, me.. my parents say she is just like I was when I was her age...scary. I feel SO BAD for my parents. haha No wonder I spent alot of time with my dad in the truck while my mom and sister ate dinner in the resturant, or shopped in the store. That alternative looks better and better when we go out as a family. Today at football practice, she was openly playing with other childrens parents, coloring in their books, and on them. Screaming and fighting with her cousin, as if it was their job to help her get her way. She was eating other peoples food, getting in the 3-point stance next to the boys. Playing ring around the goal post. Petting the bull dog, weiner dog, and lab. Eating a PB& J sandwich nicely covered in grass and dirt. Putting a orange cone on her head, putting the first aid kit where she felt was a better place. I tell name it, she did it. As it was time to go, and we were strolling down the hill, we were talking..and I noticed the stroller getting a little lighter and it was slowing down.. well that would be me, running over my child as she crawled out of the front seat. So we let her walk the rest of the way to the car..and she proceeded to climb on a bumper of a truck, to climb in the back with the other kids..she is part monkey you know. Through all this..I can only smile when I want to scream and pull my hair out. She may be part monkey, but she is 100% miracle. Its this personality that got her through the first 3 months of her life. Gotta love her :)

Its about time

My cousin gets to go home. He has many plasma replacements yet to come. But at least he gets to go home to his own bed. Thats always nice, you own bed, your own pillow, your home. Hopefully he continues to get better and better.

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