Friday, January 29, 2010

attacked by the bug..

So the kids have been relatively healthy since school started. We had a bout of possible swine..but never confirmed and not too bad and lasted over a weekend mostly at the end of September? Maybe beg of October? There have been other mild colds that pretty much lasted through a weekend and well enough to go to school by Monday and not missing school. For which I am thankful for! Rarely is it Easton, he seems to have serious fighting agents in his system :) One min I think he is coming down with something, and the next his body already fought it off!

Well this last two weeks have been something! Beginning of the week before- Haley had icky eyes. I wasn't sure if it was pink eye or not, but used some drops that were over the counter and her eyes cleared up and she was symptom free by Tuesday morning and went to school. Wednesday morning..her eyes were glued shut and just disgusting the worst they had ever been. I called the advice nurse and she agreed with my diagnosis of pink eye and called in eye drops. She was much better by Thursday and had been on the meds in order to go to school. No one else thankfully got pink eye. Then Kyle came down with a cold over the weekend. I was feeling really icky Monday and Kyle came home to work at home. By Wednesday, Easton was home sick. Poor kid barely got off the couch. (so not like him!) But he felt better Thursday and went, but Haley had the worlds worse sounding cough and stayed home. all of them seemed to be running a temp of 100 last night before bed. This morning? no temps but still coughing horribly.. and Easton was just tired. So both of them are home again today. Hudson has been snotty and coughing this whole time. I was told to enjoy the 4 day weekend..I had no idea they had no school Monday! I am getting whatever it is they have and been dealing with more braxton hicks from it. So I am just taking it easy and drinking as much water as I can. I guess we have 4 days to get better. To not be sick all fall and most of winter, to get slammed all week with this crud is awful! I am hoping we are at the end and can look forward to being healthy until spring!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Hudson!

Our sweet little boy is now 3! Hard to believe! He is so full of personality, and thats an understatement! He LOVES his big brother and follows him everywhere, he LOVES to bug big sister. haa He LOVES any and all sports. We are constantly playing carpet football, shooting hoops on the back of the door, passing the football or...playing hockey in socks in the kitchen. He is always go go go! He thinks he is quite the funny boy too! He also has quite the temper and lets us know he is mad...apparently I have been told he is a lot like I was when I was his age...haha He loves his jammies, and dressing himself. I have to talk him into wear pants over other clothes when we leave the house- or he would be in jammies all day ;) we haven't had an official doctors appt in quite awhile(which is great because he has been so healthy!), but from our own scales and measuring devices, he is still a peanut! Maybe 27 pounds and 36 inches tall. I think he is smallest out of all of them at this age and he was biggest at birth! too funny! He is learning his colors, numbers and ABC's :) We are going to celebrate this evening with his choice of a Batman Birthday Party that he has been so excited about for MONTHS! Happy birthday little are such a wonderful little boy and we love you so much!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Devil's Punch Bowl

I just wanted to get out of town today. I didn't care where, just wanted to go do something. I didn't think cleaning the house, watching football, lazying around in jammies all day was what we needed to do. We have been doing enough of that lately. So off to the coast! The kids haven't been to Devil's Punch Bowl before, and I couldn't remember if I had before, and it had been a very long time for Kyle. So long he didn't think there was a fence around it ;) ( so either he never did go and was thinking of something else, or his imagination was bigger then he was ;) ) I am glad I had my little camera, it was windy, cold and sprinkly, so we weren't out there long. They all thought it was pretty cool though :)

Hudson's "its cold out here take the picture fast!" look

Haley's "mom the wind is stinging my face and making it hard to keep my eyes open" look..

Easton's "mom I am cold but I will smile for you" look

Haley took a picture of us...haha. Wind wasn't my friend and I think I am thinking..."have you taken it yet?? lets get in the car hurry..." , but this is better then the one she cut off Kyle's head and his eyes were closed ;) haha

And the Bowl...
We had lunch when we first got into town at the Dory Cove. Its back! it had burned down a few years ago and they couldn't rebuild and just moved to their other location they owned but it had a different name. The food wasn't quite as good at the other place, but since we were there last, the name changed back to Dory Cove and the food was great! We also hit the outlet stores, which most the time when I say...Hey! lets go to the beach, what I really mean is...Hey! Lets go to the outlets! :) But we were on a tight schedule and couldn't shop long at all, but we got some great deals at Old Navy for the kids!(if anyone can make it over, it looked like the outlets were having great sales at all the stores!) We hurried back to get Kyle to his game and I am hoping he wasn't too late. Now, its about time for me to shuttle the kids to bed and then wait for his return so if its not too late we can watch a movie together. Today, was nice.

Lack of Nap

Poor Hudson. He is growing up and in the transition of "do I nap" or "do I stay up". I would prefer the napping, but if he naps, he has trouble going to bed at night. If he doesn't nap he falls asleep on the couch around 5:30- 6pm... which makes going to bed even harder.

I am attempting to try a nap at 12:30 instead of the usual 1pm. Then I am making sure he only sleeps for an hour or hour and half- so that way he gets a rest but not a ton of sleep that it effects bedtime. It worked out much better most of the week as long as I could get him down before 1, I wake him up and he is never happy..but he gets over it quicker and has a better afternoon/evening. So we will see if we can continue this for awhile. I can't believe he is going to be 3 next week. Where on earth has time gone?

The evening crash.....I don't know how he does this- it doesn't look comfortable.

New post:

An updated pregnancy post at Womb-4-Rent.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I just had to share these two pictures. I think its easy to say that I am my father's daughter. I think its also scary that I think I was only about 6 months old in this picture?? (Mom correct me if I am wrong...) I am thankful I slowed down in weight and gained some height, or I would have been one of those toddlers on daytime talk shows. haha My poor parents sitting there going.. "we just don't understand how she is 200 lbs at age 2!!?? We don't feed her anything other then formula..." hahahaha

Friday, January 08, 2010

Another New Year

I had high hopes for the new year. I was excited for 2010. A decade was behind me. I saw a status on facebook that said "This decade I:....and I thought that would be interesting to sum up the last 10 years.

This decade I: married my best friend, and found a church home. We started our family- which started out shaky with, preterm labor, twin micro preemies, a loss of a baby girl and becoming a mother. We added another little one who came 6 weeks early, lost a little one very early on, and added one more who went full term. I got baptized along side my wonderful sister. We bought a house, and sold a house and moved a total of 6 times. I emotionally supported my husband through 4 job changes and 7 months of unemployment all while he made sure I could keep my role as a stay at home mom. I watched my mother beat cancer. I celebrated 9 years of marriage with my husband. I watched two of my children start school. I made lots of forever friends and watched as a best friend moved away. With the support of that friend, we started a business we had always hoped to do and I was able to continue it on my own. Life was getting stable, our faith was strong, we were approaching "the best years of our life" as we headed into our thirties...The decade was ending with another twin pregnancy, a boy and a girl, with hopes to a fantastic new beginning with great things in store for all of us.

I look back at the last 10 years and can't believe all that we went through and how fast it went. I experienced life in a way I could have never imagined, I grew and changed from those life events. Those 10 years were hard, but amazing. Each year that passed we had hoped it could only be better then the last. Amazing my husband and I were able to hold on tight to each other and our faith even though there were many difficult days. We had crawled up from rock bottom and dusted ourselves off. I was ready to see those 10 years be of the past and excited to what the next 10 had in store for us. We are in the process of completing our family, rounding it out with twins again, Kyle excelling at his job waiting for the next step and climbing the ladder. With hopes his job would fall into place so we could purchase a home again in the coming years. Watch our children grow into adulthood, as our oldest will be graduating high school at the end of this decade. Its crazy to think about what the next 10 years will hold. I can only imagine it will go just as fast as the first ten, maybe even faster.

2010, the year of hope.

Unfortunately in our life, it seems that history repeats itself. We are beginning 2010 with another loss of a baby girl..shaken faith and heartbreak. Starting in fear and trying to find peace and comfort. Wondering what will this next decade really have in store for us...I am having trouble finding that hope I thought there would be. I am clinging on to the precious little ones I have, a husband who loves me, our families and my faith to get us through this. It can only get better right? I am scared to think of how it could be worse.

I am also blogging about this pregnancy and was planning on updating and everything after worked slowed down and the holidays were over. Well that has taken a new twist as well, you will find the link above. So bare with me, the best thing I ever did was start this blog and I love that I have record of years past. I don't like resolutions, but this is a goal I have, to get the good the bad and the ugly recorded again. This last year seriously slacked.

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