Thursday, January 14, 2010


I just had to share these two pictures. I think its easy to say that I am my father's daughter. I think its also scary that I think I was only about 6 months old in this picture?? (Mom correct me if I am wrong...) I am thankful I slowed down in weight and gained some height, or I would have been one of those toddlers on daytime talk shows. haha My poor parents sitting there going.. "we just don't understand how she is 200 lbs at age 2!!?? We don't feed her anything other then formula..." hahahaha


Robin said...

That is too cute! The correction is you were about 5 months, not sitting up yet. Thats why the leaning was going on. LOL, You weighed 30-32 pounds at a year old. Doctors weren't concerned, mainly because you grew in height, but not weight for the next 3-4 years! Again...such cute cheeks! Love you!

Teresa said...

I love it!!! I see a ton of your kids in your baby picture Bree...especially a ton of Haley in the face and eyes. :) So cute!!!

Bree said...

Ok..5 months. So are you sure I wasn't like 8 months and just had no trunk control because I was so fat? hahahaha. I probably couldn't roll over either. LOL

Thats fun you can see Haley, Teresa! I can't at all! She looks so much like Kyle to me! They all do! Expect maybe Hudson has a little of me. But thats fun you can see it!

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