Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Hudson!

Our sweet little boy is now 3! Hard to believe! He is so full of personality, and thats an understatement! He LOVES his big brother and follows him everywhere, he LOVES to bug big sister. haa He LOVES any and all sports. We are constantly playing carpet football, shooting hoops on the back of the door, passing the football or...playing hockey in socks in the kitchen. He is always go go go! He thinks he is quite the funny boy too! He also has quite the temper and lets us know he is mad...apparently I have been told he is a lot like I was when I was his age...haha He loves his jammies, and dressing himself. I have to talk him into wear pants over other clothes when we leave the house- or he would be in jammies all day ;) we haven't had an official doctors appt in quite awhile(which is great because he has been so healthy!), but from our own scales and measuring devices, he is still a peanut! Maybe 27 pounds and 36 inches tall. I think he is smallest out of all of them at this age and he was biggest at birth! too funny! He is learning his colors, numbers and ABC's :) We are going to celebrate this evening with his choice of a Batman Birthday Party that he has been so excited about for MONTHS! Happy birthday little one...you are such a wonderful little boy and we love you so much!


Jodie said...

Happy B-Day Huds Huds!! Hayden misses you!!

Teresa said...

How cute...what great pictures that just capture his personality!!! Happy Birthday Hudson!

imacootie said...

Happy bday Hud!! Great pics!

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