Monday, June 28, 2004

Happy Day

Today was great, the weather is awesome and the kids were good. I give it a 10. I think the blanket is working..naptime and bedtime were easy again. We watched daddy play softball again tonight, we do alot of that. Easton was really watching the game, it was cute, and Haley..well lets just say she found the dirt again. This time she put it in her eyes. Kyle had to flush them out with a hose..and later at the BBQ she had a big chunk floating in there. I feel so bad for her. I hope that it works itself out.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

End of the weekend...

Well its Sunday night. Haley is in bed, and without too much of a struggle, I bought a shade(it was too short so we have to take it back)So I put a blanket over her blinds, and so her room is nice and dark. I think its working. Yesterday we went to watch daddy play softball. Haley loved playing in the dirt and was quite the dirt Queen and Easton, well he still loves to sleep. haha He was up for awhile, just smiling. He is such a happy baby. The puppy did very well too. He played so hard. Daddy's team lost.. how sad. But it was fun to watch. Today after church, Haley and I went to a bridal shower. She is going to be the flower girl for my brother in laws wedding..well more for decoration. I am curious to see if she will make it to the end of the asile. She had fun running through the flowerbeds in the garden, with out sandles, so I had to pick hundreds of splinters out of her footsies while we watched the present opening. OUCh!
The weekend has come to a close, it seems to go even faster in the summer.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Nap, Shnap!

What is the deal? My dear sweet love bug has turned into your worse nightmare at naptime and bedtime. She use to go down with no problem, so what? Now that the sun is shining and doesn't go down till 9, she doesn't think she should either? She just screams...then all gets quiet and I think she fell asleep..and 45 min later she screams again. *sigh* Maybe she is getting her 2nd year molars...maybe her ear infection hasn't gone away? Maybe she is just being her 2 year old self. Well I will try some room darkening shades and see if that helps, if it doesn't, I guess off to the doctor next week to check her ears..and if those are fine..I might have to admit she is in her terrible two's.

As for Easton, he falls asleep anywhere and anytime, I guess its good to be a baby!

Welcome to my first day as a blog..

Please hang with me, I need to get use to this. I heard this was the new "in" thing to have. I will be self teaching myself the jibberish I see before me! I will use this as a daily (hopefully) update on my children. So here's to the First Post!

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