Friday, June 25, 2004

Welcome to my first day as a blog..

Please hang with me, I need to get use to this. I heard this was the new "in" thing to have. I will be self teaching myself the jibberish I see before me! I will use this as a daily (hopefully) update on my children. So here's to the First Post!


Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Deb. Your kids are adorable. I will be your newest blog stalker so I hope you write often. I live in Fl, I have a website that I barely keep up with since I have had some major surgery that including the removal of the Uterus "which I hope explains my baby blog addiction" I have raised three boys for years which are my sisters but they are basically grown and no need for raising. But still are funny, smart, graduating, wanting new cars or getting them. and so on. I guess its not a good idea, possibly pathetic, lol, to blog about your nieces and nephews, though I do love them bunches. Well, if you want a peak at my lovely blessed life of lots of fur creatures, here is my website. (warning, though they are cute as all get out, just to not freak anyone out, My passion is hairless Fancy Rats. :oP) Deb

buhtafly said...

Hi Deb :)Thank you :) I will try to write as often as I can, my goal is to everyday. Hope I can stick to that. Sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope recovery is going well. Your rats are so cute. I had one growing up. She was awesome. She was a siamese looking one, looked alot like the cats. So cute.

Anonymous said...

I just brought home two beautiful siamese yesterday. A boy and a girl. I will have their pictures up on the site soon. Glad you liked them. They definitely make better sweeter pets than hamsters. :o) Deb

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