Sunday, October 31, 2004

Just when I thought we were safe.

IT happened. We can no longer sit in peace and relaxation. The prince found the gift of mobility. He has been crawling for a few weeks now, but its a inch worm type crawl. Crawling a few inches at a time to rest and play. The last day or so, its more of a very skilled inch worm that moves fast. An Inch worm that moves towards the dog dish. An inch worm that puts dog food in his mouth. An inch worm who goes over things, not around, who eats little peices of who knows what he finds in the carpet. It can be spotless and he manages to find something. Its crazy. I thought he would decide not to crawl, but he fooled me. He crawls. He follows me wherever I go, he hears sister playing and goes down the hall. He sees me cooking and he crawls into the kitchen, and finds the dog bowls. We have moved those bowls all over the kitchen and he manages to find them. Now its time to baby proof again. a few more cupboards need locks. we need to find a baby gate that can go the length of our living room, to keep him out of the kitchen. Another to go in the hallway to keep him away from the rooms. I just need one for the middle of the room, so he can't go anywhere :) He is a busy one. I thought I was gonna be blessed with a busy one(Haley) and a calm one (Easton). But it turns out he wants to keep up with big sister...yikes. We are in trouble. :)

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Neno the fishy.

We have a little Darla on our hands. No she didn't kill the fish...but feeder goldfish do what they do best. Live a day and die. Last night at the Carnival Haley HAD to play the Finding Nemo Game(nicely named by Kyle) So they set up a little table and had bowls, and you know how the rest of it goes. Well on her 3rd try the ping pong ball went into the colored water. Ding ding ding. We have a winner. So Haley got her first very own fish. She called him "Neno". She even tried pinching the poor fellow inside the bag. He survived that though. I got him inside and in some water and gave him some dried meal worms left over from my Beta fish I 5-6 years ago maybe? (yikes, maybe that killed him) This morning I put Neno inside the old bowl, freshly cleaned, complete with pretty black and clear stones. Haley pointed at him for awhile this morning and yelled his name, but he didn't look so good. Spent alot of time towards the bottom of the bowl. Sadly, this afternoon, the poor fish was dead. So now what? Do I get her another? She hasn't even asked about him since she woke up from nap. I think I will just tell her Neno had to go home. Maybe someday we will get her another Neno.
Here are a few pictures from last night,
Haley doing the cupcake walk. Her friend Rachel is in front of her in the woodland fairy costume.

Notice handcuffs? Haley took daddy to jail for breaking the law on halloween costumes. Do you see what he is wearing?? :)

Kyle in the pie throwing game. He is the flower on top. Makes a cute flower huh?

Even better covered in pudding and whipcream! Mommy made sure Haley got Daddy real good :)

Easton in his football jersey since his costume didn't come in time.

Exa mple #45

This is what its like to try and type with a baby in your lap. He doesnt just sit still S AND LET you type. I try to correct what he does . but sometimes it doesnt work. I just try to type quick and get the the point. He lunges 5r for the keyboard ag6d and hits keys. I balance him in my lap and type one handed. y8it he wants the monitor and the papoer and cries and drools asI move his hand away 20 times. its cray5zy I tell ya. he has already hit one key that published for me :) so I am editing. :) He wiggles to get down. BUt cries to get back in my lap. Hehe I think this is his form of entertai6t6vbngd55tj tainment. Now hew is growling...I better get....eek! More to update when he naps. We found Nemo and he I will explain later. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly..

The Good: Haley slept til 11 am! (She has been really tired..and needed the rest)
The Bad: She won't want to take a nap at one o'clock...
The Ugly: When she woke up, she was coughing, and had dried now she is part of the snotty cold club... :(

The Good: Easton slept til 5:45am! he went back to sleep and didn't wake til 10 am!
The Bad: He is kinda crabby..
The Ugly: He has bubbles of snot coming from his nose.

The Good: I am not going to do my bible study today
The Bad: I don't get to go to bible study tomorrow because the kids are sick.
The Ugly: I am staying home tomorrow with two sick kids..

The Good: I got to sleep in today! (ok, so not really considering I normally wake up at 8:45-9.)
The Bad: I was woken up when my husband was leaving to take the dog to the vet at 7:30.
The Ugly: I think I am getting the stupid cold.

The Good: The dog is getting neutered today!!
The Bad: The dog is coming home today!
The Ugly: The dog probably won't stop licking himself..and will need a cone.

The Good: Tomorrow is the Harvest Festival
The Bad: Easton's costume sadly, is not here in time..
The Ugly: They are both sick and we may not be taking them anyway...(we will see how they feel)

The Good: Haley loves lolipops.
The Bad: Lolipops are messy.
The Ugly: She is sticky, my arm is sticky, the couch is sticky, the wall is sticky..

The Good: Last night we got "GHOSTED"!
The Bad: It wasn't from my nighborhood :(
The Ugly: I get to do it again for two more people..this time I am not doing my street! :)

Monday, October 25, 2004

Pumpkin patch x 2 = FUN!

This weekend we all went to the pumpkin patch. It was a fun place with a zip line, maze, animals, slides..The kids all had a blast. We went with my parents, and my sisters family. Here are a few pictures.

It started raining before getting pumpkins. So we packed up and saved that for Sunday. So pumpkin patch take two...

It was alot of fun! and we picked out some great pumpkins, stay tuned for the night of carving :)
There were some other really cute pictures that were taken, I don't have alot of memory on my card so I had my mom and sister take some for me. So I will post those when I can too :)

A little bit of TP..

Friday night was the Harvest Party. The chili and soup turned out great. Kyle and I found some western clothes at Goodwill, he found a suede vest and wore my dads hat(he looked like a member of the Village People) and I found a blue dress, wore my moms boots and hat, and was dubbed Nellie from Little House on the Prairie. Only about 20 people showed up. Sadly about 4-5 of us actually dressed up. (That was very disappointing..we felt stupid. It said to dress up!) It was quite slow and boring, and spiking the punch looked like a good option. hehe We ate, and then played a few rounds of Catchprase. A few couples left. Then the party picked up a little, and we played Gestures..which one of the guys is hilarious, it made it funnier! One couple left to go see a movie since all their kids would be gone for the night. We came up with the lovely idea to go TP their house. So the 9 of us who were left went to the store and bought 8- 12 pks of toilet paper. So picture this..a cow complete with udders, Nellie from little house on the prairie, and a guy who looked like he could belong with the village people went to buy the TP. Some guy in a truck yelled at my sister "OWEH! Nice Udders!". We burst out laughing. What is even better about this story is that we are all mid 20's, early 30's and we were in the store buying TP and the highschool kids were buying snacks, looking at us like we were crazy! Nobody TPs anymore?? Or was it our age??? So we set off for the house. What was nice, was that they wouldn't be home til we didn't have to worry about being caught and had plenty of time. Their house looked beautiful! We did a wonderful job! When they discovered it, they thought it was their daughters friends, but realized the TP was too high in the trees to just be kids in middle school :) Here is a pic of me at the scene of the crime :) I am in blue. hehe

I will admit that was my very first time Tp'ing someone's house! It was a lot of fun. I wish I would have done it a few times in highschool .. hehe That was the highlight of the night, that and the Great Harvest bread.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Ogres are like onions..

Today is busy. I am a leader for a moms group I attend at church. Its wonderful, and today was the first day this season. It was our kick off, more of a meet and greet and make a cute little scrapbook. So I got home around 12:30. I then started cooking my kidney beans because I am making chili and cream of broccoli soup for a Harvest Party we are having with our sunday school class tonight. So I get Haley down for a nap, who had too much sugar and refused for quite awhile until falling asleep. And my lil prince..well he didn't give in. He is so stinking tired, but he knows mommy has a lot to do and its more fun to play with her then sleep. So I have been cooking chili, and making soup. I still need to come up with a costume tonight. Its an "old western" theme, and I have nothing to wear. I am borrowing some of my parents things, they have all that good stuff, hats and boots. We are dropping off the kids at their house where they will be joining their 3 cousins. My parents are brave :) then we are off to my sisters house since that is where its at, and we will be setting up. I am waiting for my great grandparents to bring the hay. How they hay will I get the Hay to my sisters??? No idea. oh and by the way I hate chopping onions. They make me cry!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Random thoughts of a 8 month old

On toys:
*Whats this? I think it should go in my mouth...
*yup, whatever this toy is, feels great on the gums.
* All it does is play music and goes in circles? Lame. next?
* ahhh now we are talking. linking rings..they are great in the mouth.
* this fish bowl is just to fun. Now only if I can figure out how to get the fish out of it..I bet if I stick my head in it..that will get 'em.
* Forget reading, books are fun to chew.
*ooh...a tag..thats great stuff. Toys need to have more of those!
* if I put this in my mouth just right, the big box changes to something else to watch, each time I bite down.

On food:
* what the heck did you just put in my mouth? tastes nasty! peas you say? Don't ever do that again mommy. how cruel.
* ooh whats this fine delicacy that is hidden in the carpet!? yummy..tastes like chicken.
* just because I make a funny face while eating it, doesn't mean you should do it again.
*(lunging foward for something someone else is eating) MUST HAVE THAT!
* I don't care if its not a food product, I thought everything goes in my mouth. I can't tell the difference between a crayon and a biter biscuit!

On parents:
*do you really think I like this thingy that plays music and hangs over my head? Looks like it will fall on me at any second. actually, its quite scary.
*Hello, my diaper is wet...can anyone hear me? I *just* peed...come on...change it..puhlease?
*Fine, I will poop now too, that will make them come running!
*You think I don't know how to sleep through the night. I would rather wake you up. Why? Because I CAN!
* All I have to do is smile at you, and I know that all will be forgiven.
* when do I get to sit the other way in the car? Haley makes faces at me.
* I really can belly laugh, its just more fun watching you try to get me to.
* Do I really have to carry a dish towel around too?..people are starting to think I am weird.
* ok, why is daddy trapped inside the phone?..I hear him..but when I grab at it to look he isn't there..I can't see him. So was he bad? Why did you put him in the phone? nevermind, I will chew on it instead.
*peek a boo mommy, I see you. Why did you put a wall up around my crib, I can just push it down with my see you crawling quietly out of my room, I know you were peeking on me :)

On sister:
*must go forward, how long must I rock before actually moving..come on legs..go sister is having all the fun..move. forward. now.
* Ugh..does she always have to wake me up? I was sleeping ya know.
* Why hasn't she figured out that dumping the dog water will get her in trouble? If she waits a few more weeks, I will be the one dumping it and they will say I don't know any better. So then she gets the satisfaction with having me do her job, and yet she won't get in trouble....
* Note to self, Little People are fun to play with. Perfect fit in mouth. Makes the sister scream.
* She is so silly! I can't stop giggling!
*Watch..when you pull her hair, she screams!
* When I slobber on her dollies...she screams..hehe

On the dog:
* Dude, stop. licking. the. face.
* Please, I said "NO LICK!"
* Hey Bear, I know what you just got done licking...don't lick me again. You got it?
* How many times do I have to ask you?
* So what exactly are you?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Picture this.

I am standing in the kitchen, by the counter. I was making peanut butter and banana sandwiches. (Those are so yummy..hehe) I was mashing the banana, when I hear a mouth trumpet go "Do, Do, Da Do" (or however that sound is when a king or queen is entering a room) in the living room. It gets closer, repeating over and over again. Then at full speed the princess comes running in the kitchen trumpeting..and she holds up high in the air....her mighty scepter...the toilet brush. :)

Monday, October 18, 2004

Phantom Ghost

So there is this cute little activity that you give out to neighbors around Halloween. I learned about it through a friend who recieved it after moving into her new neighborhood. So she passed it along to be, and I started it late last year, and gave one to my sister. She had no idea it was me and then passed it to two of her friends. It was fun. So this Halloween, I have been so excited because we just just bought a house and its in a neighborhood. :) We went out, bought a cute little ghost trick or treat bag, filled it with yummy candy and some cute pumpkin straws. I printed out the ghost you put up in your window to let others know you have been "ghosted", and then the letter explaining it in cute little rhyme. Last week we finally had the chance to ring the doorbell and run, shortly after 7:30. My husband ran across the street to a house with 2 little girls. I stood outside to listen. it went like this.
Door opens..
girl 1: WHO IS IT!?
girl2: who is there!?
girl 1: hello!... hello!?
girl 2: whats this!?
girl1: I dont know! leave it there!
girl 2: NOWAY! lets get mom!
girl 1: ok..
door slams...
door opens..
girl1: look, look! what is it?
someone ruffles papers..
girl2: yay!....lets take it inside.
door shuts.

We were so happy. It was so fun hearing them get all excited. I couldn't wait to see the ghost in the window the next day, and watch as the fun continues to spread on our street. We put the other ghost on the doorstep next door. They have a little boy same age as Haley and a little girl born this summer. So I thought it would be fun for them too and we have talked to them a few times. It was such a great feeling to do this!

The next morning, I went to get the mail, and noticed the ghost was up in the window across the street. I was so excited!! I felt so good that we had done something nice and fun, and it was gonna continue. Next door, there was nothing up. So later in the evening, we left and looked again...still nothing, and this time the one that was in the window, was no longer. :( Its been days since the night we did this, and neither ghosts are in the window, and I haven't seen any new ghosts in the other windows.

I am so disappointed. Is it a little pathetic that this makes me so sad? I was really looking forward to doing this and I thought our neighborhood would do it. So to see it fizzle after the very first two..makes me really sad. Whatever happen to neighbors having fun, getting to know each other. Even though it was annoymous, I figured they would know that at least someone was thinking of them. And next time I saw them, I could have said..hey! I saw you got your ghost..happy halloween. So then of course I wonder: Do they not celebrate Halloween even though they have other decorations up? Are they afraid it was someone scary who did it? Or maybe they thought it was someone not from our street, and dumped the candy because it could be dangerous? Maybe the ghost just fell down? I don't know why they started to participate and then stopped. It makes me sad that the people next door didn't do it either. I want to give them a letter saying, thanks for participating with the phantom ghost. I am glad others on our street got to play too. Glad you enjoyed your candy. have a nice halloween. hehe

oh well. Next year when I do it, they won't be the first on my list. Thats for sure. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Saturday was fun.

We got up and went to the Grizzlies Flag Football game. They didn't win, but hey, that's ok. They are a really good team for a bunch of 6-8 year olds. Kyle is a assistant coach, along with my brother in law and my nephew is on the team. The princess enjoyed laying inside the 20 yd line marker. I wish I had my camera. She also put puppy the stuffed dog in it, and told me to be quiet, he was sleeping. She loves being chased around by her cousins, and playing with the football players. They don't seem to mind her, even when she puts one of their mouth pieces in her mouth...BLECH! Easton was content being passed around and sitting on the ground grabbing at the silly green stuff in front of him. We then had to remove Haley out of her aunties van, she ditched us last weekend to play at their house, and she tried to do it again this weekend. So we went to McD's with them so she could enjoy eating fries. After that we went to the mall. She desperately needed some new tennis shoes. We got her the cutest pair of Nikes. I am jealous. They are silver and pink..who wouldn't want those. :) I also had to get her a dress at Gymboree. I don't often buy her things there, but this was so stinkin cute, and on sale. (the only way I get things there) Check it out..

ok so I got her another one can you resist when they are more then 50% off!! ;) hehe

OK since I found those pictures..I found her shoes too.. :)

Little girls are fun to shop for. I haven't bought anything for her for a few this felt good..hehe. After spending too much money.. we came home and hung around, ate dinner, played with Little People, gave the kids baths, and then listened to Easton GIGGLE! Ok. So he has giggled, he screetches mostly. Or just smiles really big when things are funny. Well tonight, after they got out of the bath, Haley was running nekkid in her room, she was hiding under her crib then crawling back out and jumping at us. Easton could not stop laughing at her. Full on belly giggles. It was adorable. What fun.

Tonight, I really saw how much fun it is to have a sibling. They played with noahs ark animals, he would take them from her, as little brothers should do, she would grab them back, and say "NO! dooce doush!", like big sisters do. They played in the bath, he was eating the foam letters, and she laughed at him...and he would giggle. She dumped water on his head, and he smiled. It was just so cute tonight. While shopping for shoes, he was laying in the stroller, and she pulled the top canopy down, and said nite nite dooce doush. The salesman just laughed! (although he thought she said dude...hehe I didn't want to correct him) the way she says his name is kind of embarrassing and I am sure he will hate it when we mention it when he is in highschool :)
But I think they will be great friends as they grow up..and enemies. But at this age, you can already tell what fun it will be :)

Friday, October 15, 2004

Its National Pregnancy & Infant Loss day

Click the candle for more information.

Please light a candle at 7:00 pm tonight in remembrance of all the babies lost to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, and infant loss.

We are sending a million hugs and kisses to Ashlyn today! I know you are with us everyday and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. We miss you lots baby girl. With all of our love and prayers... Love, mommy

Ashlyn Grace


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Tooth # 4

Here it comes. Lil prince is getting his 4th tooth. This time its the upper side tooth. Yup. That is right, my goofy boy will have two in the middle on the bottom and two on the top on either side of the middles. haha Too funny. Thats what you get for giggling when a friend of yours baby has teeth like that. Now my son has them. :) What goes around comes around..haha So, make note, don't laugh at what silly teeth Easton has..or your baby will have them come in that way too :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

8 Months

So I am a little late, I finally have a free moment. My lil prince is 8 months old today. *gasp* I really want to cry. I can not believe he is so old already. Even though I still like to think of him as only 6.5 months since he was early, the reality of it is that he is 8 months. I will have the nurse come and do another evaluation on him, and we will see if he has caught up some. He is so adorable..ok so I am biased. His grin just lights everyone up. He has a spark about him. Here are some fun pictures from this week...he is getting into mischief already.. :) He HAS to be on the floor, so he can get to where he wants to go backwards. He gets on the knees and can push forward, but enjoys backwards more.

This is a good spot to see the TV from, its like a cave.

What? Never seen a baby scoot backwards between the couches before?

Sisters are great aren't they!? I bet I can get her to give me her food too!

Check out the teefies!

Sitting is so fun!

I can crawl!, maybe not. Not. moving. forward.

I have the rocking down..what next?

The best thing about having a sibling close in age..

Someone to watch cartoons with.

Some one to share cereal with...

And as you see above, someone to push in a stroller..or be pushed :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The cutest thing..

The princess is so into her books. I read so many a day, which is great. I enjoy reading to her. She brings me one after another, and she really gets into the story. Well, I was sitting at the computer and would take a break to read a few to her. She left, (I thought to get another one) a few minutes later I hear "toddlerese". I turned around and she was sitting at her little table behind me, and was reading Brown Bear Brown Bear, what do you see! She was at the last page where it lists all the animals, and she was pointing at them and saying their names and their sounds(something we added when reading) I tried to catch it on sound, but needed to take the picture first to go along with her talking..and well she was "caught". So all I have is her picture and she flipped the page...but trust me, it was so adorable!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Mondays are just that..Mondays

The day after the busy weekend, the day after having nice family time. Today is Monday. I am hosting Bunko tonight at my house, so you guessed it. I am cleaning. I am cleaning blue finger prints off walls, spilled juice, and putting away toys. Then putting toys away again. haha I am constantly picking up things I just put away. It's so much fun! I would think the toys had legs or something...kinda like Toy Story. They just come right back out. Or I have a toddler. :) Its almost nap time for her so that will help. The downside Easton went down earlier then usual, so now he will wake as soon as I put her down, so there goes quick clean time. It will take longer. I have chili to make, pigs in a blanket, day old bath water punch, and guacamole. I have tables to set up, candy to put out, get into my halloween costume, and shower. Can't forget that. The afternoon is gonna be busy. I gotta get moving. Its so much easier to sit though isn't it? haha

I didn't want to leave you all hanging, I am here, just busy. Haley threw the biggest fit today. My mom was lucky enough to be on the phone listening to her. It started because I wouldn't let her carry around the brand new box of honey graham sticks. I got her a bowl..but that was NOT OK. So she screamed, cried, stood behind me and clinched her fists, pushed over her chairs. She was letting me know she was NOT happy! She got so worked up. My mom laughed and said that it sounded just like me when I was her age. I am glad she finds the humor in it :) She finally calmed and sat with me in the chair and accepted the bowl of snacks. All was forgotten.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Late night thoughts.

Or early morning, since its now 12 am. I forgot I had to pump, so here I am. I have fifteen minutes. I just checked on the kids. Easton is peacefully asleep after fighting it earlier. He is on his tummy with his legs tucked under his bottom with his feet crossed. So adorable. He got up on his knees this evening..and rocked :) crawling is just around the corner. Then I checked on Haley, she is asleep with about 5 dishtowels, a cabbage patch I had when I was little, a monkey, a bear, a puppy, two binkys, blanket and pillow. Does that sound like a lot. I moved them all to the sides of her bed, and covered her back up, she stirred. Seeing them sleep is so precious. I poured some milk earlier, and something plopped out. I showed Kyle, and he said..ewe..I scooped it out with a spoon and its some sort of tan looking bug with wings. Slender..and long, size of a rice maybe? I was I thought I was doing a good thing getting organic milk, but I never thought organic meant complete with bugs. So now what? Do I call the dairy? Should I inform them that there was a bug? We just opened it yesterday and the lid has been on the whole time..I don't think it came from us..besides, we have spiders, not tan rice bugs with wings.

Its raining. I need to decide if the kids and I will brave the weather and watch the pee wee football game at 12:45, and my BIL's game at 2, or stay inside tomorrow. Part of me wants to get out, even if it means getting wet and muddy. I stay home most the week. Weekends are for getting out :) especially when the husband is home, we can double team the kidlets. I will keep ya posted.

I am kinda boring..

gee, I don't have much to say. That is rare. I am trying to think of something, and only thing that comes to mind is that its raining. Its raining alot. Oh! I know..have I told you about Barney? Barney has not been on tv in our house for 2 years...pretty good record, I know. Kyle swore that he would never have Haley watch it. He hates Barney. I always said ok, thats fine. Well, she was watching Seseme Street and then Between the Lions, and one day Barney came on...there was no turning back. There is something addicting about him. During the theme song she got all excited and danced and jumped. She is now in love with Barney. We have several shows tivo'd and she gets estatic when I turn them on. She asks to watch it. She dances, and sings and plays along with the show. I don't mind, the show teaches good things..its just so funny to watch my husband grumble and moan when its on :)

Easton is starting to crawl, he gets one arm down and pushes with his feet while reaching with the other hand..he is getting on his knees sometimes too. So we are getting closer. Alot closer. Closer to mommy having to chase two kids.. OY!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wednesdays are going to be busy.

Here are a few pictures of Tuesday night bunko..

Me, as a black cat :)

The Bunko Bunch established Dec 2000.

Close up :)

We have alot of fun playing monthly. :) Today was busy again. I am going to assume every Wednesday from here on out will be, until summer. So much to do so little time. Tonight was crazy hair night at Awana. Thankfully I don't have pictures of my hair tonight...haha.

This morning the princess freaked going into childcare again..I was hoping since brother was gonna be with her it would be better, it wasn't. When I came back to pick them up, one of them was holding the lil prince and I had the princess in my arms, and she actually said " Bye duce doush" (thats how she says his she got that from Easton, I will never know.) But she said bye to her brother, she wanted to leave him there! I couldn't believe it. haha Also, I have discovered that Capt Crunch with crunch berries is no longer acceptable. For some strange reason they decided it would be cool to make the berries change your milk from white to blue. Well when given to a toddler with out milk, the slobber will turn your fingers, and mouth, blue when eaten....if those fingers are still wet, they will leave blue marks on walls and doors...I send a big THANKS to the Captain! One more thing before going to bed since I am talking cereal, there is a reason cereal has sugar. When you decide to make cereal with 75% LESS are making a mistake. Its not suppose to taste like cardboard. Cocoa Puffs are meant to have sugar and a chocolately taste..its a good combo, don't mess with what works :) Night!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cleaning, sitting, talking and playing bunko.

Thats whats going on today. Kyle stayed home today, he hasn't been feeling well the last day or so. Whatever he has, I hope he doesn't pass it to us. yuck. But I have been able to get some cleaning done, and he has been a big helper. :) The lil prince has been sitting longer and longer today, playing with toys..he gets really excited and then falls backwards..but he is getting better! I have him on video sitting, if I can get XP then I can download a movie thingy, then share it with you all. :) I am working on that. So hopefully I can share that soon. The princess was talking well today. We got a phone call from a good friend who is a Marine and back from his 2nd trip to Iraq. He has been there for about 9.5 months. He got to talk to Haley for the first time. I told her to say Hi Bill, and she did, then she giggled and said bye bye. He hasn't seen her since last Christmas. We get to see him next week :) Then tonight, I am playing Bunko. Its a dice game with 12 women. Its alot of fun! We play once a month, and since its October, we are dressing up tonight. I am wearing my black velour suit with a tail, and ears. I am going as a black cat :) I made the tail and the ears last night. I also glued paws on my gloves :) I love my sewing machine. I wish I could make masterpieces though. :) I am only good at sewing two pieces of fabric together in a somewhat straight line. I kinda wing it. I might attempt making costumes for the kids this year...I made one for Haleys first halloween. She was a butterfly and I made my own pattern and made a black bunting thingy complete with zipper. I put velcro on the back and attached giant wings. It was adorable. You can see it here.

I will take a few pictures tonight and post them :)

I knew it!

Guess who came back for a visit!? Yup, that darn spider. He came down the same way as before! same side and everything, this time, my big manly husband was right here with me and killed him. Took two hits though! He agreed with me that he was pretty fat and had big eyes...freaky. I was just thinking about it too, I have my gloves sitting right next to the keyboard, and the thought went through my mind, that he crawled in them and was going to bite me tonight at Bunko while I was wearing them. Good thing he is dead now, unless it was his cousin.....*shudder*. Or maybe they are hatching on top of the computer desk behind a picture frame and so each one is parachuting down the side to scare me. Spiders give me the heebie jeebies.

Monday, October 04, 2004


I hate spiders.....I also hate when they sneak up on you. My house has become spider haven. I don't know why, but they all seem to want to move in. We have various sizes, colors, and friendliness. Well I met one just a few min ago that was of the non friendly breed. Sitting here typing away and he walks down the side of the computer hutch. At first I thought he was a fly, and then he moved funny, and it became obvious that he was looking at me. He followed me. He then stuck his little feelers out and waved them, as if he was saying..."BOOO! " just to scare me and make me jump. Well it worked, I about peed my pants. I scanned the desk for something to smack him with , and nothing was long enough, I did not want my hands too close. He was HUGE! Well, not huge.. more like fat! I have never seen such a fat spider. So I ran out of the room, trying to find something big enough to kill the sucker and I came back to the room with a notebook. It was as if he was waiting for me to do so. He was so calm, he didn't even try to hide with my sudden movements. I prepare my attack..he was in perfect position. I smack the side of the desk so hard..and I swear the stupid spider JUMPED! He took a leap of faith...hoping to land on the keyboard or the side of the table part the monitor sits on..I thought for sure I'd hit him..but I missed. I can't believe I missed..I can't believe the stupid thing jumped. I think he knew my plan of attack..they are smarter then you think you know. With as many in my house you would think they were taking over the world. Starting at my HOUSE! I know the dumb thing is planning its revenge as I sit here, I know that he is watching me, waiting to jump out and scare me again. Now I am sitting here all itchy, ugh..I hate that feeling. My skin is crawling. I can't believe its gone..I hope its all shriveled up in the dark shadows of the desk because I injuried least. I am afraid to sit here now....especially because he probably knows I called him stupid and fat..

Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Weekend..

Well instead of telling you about the weekend in a long post, I will just show you pictures. :)

The princess playing inside the column in the football stadium at Uncle Butt's football game..(ok, his name is really Bret, but she doesn't say it that way hehe)

Uncle Butt is #1

The lil'prince taking a nap, and the princess..well she was being a princess:) I asked her to not wake her brother, and then I asked if she would give him a kiss... What do you think she was thinking?

Nah...She was thinking, ok momma, I will :) So sweet.

Lounging around after took over mommy and daddy's bed, the little stinkers.

Then we put the princess to work and made her paint the living room for us. ;)

4 walls later, the completed project. Painting is fun, our little princess did a great job :)

The lil' prince says "Hope your weekend was just as much fun! Good Night!"

Friday, October 01, 2004

Pop goes the volcano..

Mount St Helen is letting off some steam...some smoke and some ash. Its not too big of an eruption. But we will see if there is more to come. It took place about noon today. I wonder if we will see any ash here..

Mount St. Helens 10-1-04

I am kinda annoyed though...All My Children was interrupted for the breaking news..haha

300 visitors!

Congratulations to the 300th person who has visited my blog!!! Sadly, I think it was me. :)
I wish it wouldn't count when I check my own blog. I would probably only have about 50 visitors. I don't know why I check mine, I wrote it. Duh! haha Maybe I am looking to see if I received comments.*hint*hint*(I like to see who is stalking..I mean reading hehe) I have prepared a speech for such occasions. Here goes:
I would like to thank all of those in blogland who have, by choice, come and read my blog. (Hi Mom!) I appreciate the comments, and I just hope that when you are done reading, you learned something you didn't know before, laughed, cried, smiled or nodded your head because you knew exactly what I was talking about. :)

Ok, so this post is cheesy..Especially because the eruption interrupted when I was posting this earlier, and since I have had 5 more visitors..haha

Eh, its ok to be a dork sometimes :) keeps life interesting. hehe

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