Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cleaning, sitting, talking and playing bunko.

Thats whats going on today. Kyle stayed home today, he hasn't been feeling well the last day or so. Whatever he has, I hope he doesn't pass it to us. yuck. But I have been able to get some cleaning done, and he has been a big helper. :) The lil prince has been sitting longer and longer today, playing with toys..he gets really excited and then falls backwards..but he is getting better! I have him on video sitting, if I can get XP then I can download a movie thingy, then share it with you all. :) I am working on that. So hopefully I can share that soon. The princess was talking well today. We got a phone call from a good friend who is a Marine and back from his 2nd trip to Iraq. He has been there for about 9.5 months. He got to talk to Haley for the first time. I told her to say Hi Bill, and she did, then she giggled and said bye bye. He hasn't seen her since last Christmas. We get to see him next week :) Then tonight, I am playing Bunko. Its a dice game with 12 women. Its alot of fun! We play once a month, and since its October, we are dressing up tonight. I am wearing my black velour suit with a tail, and ears. I am going as a black cat :) I made the tail and the ears last night. I also glued paws on my gloves :) I love my sewing machine. I wish I could make masterpieces though. :) I am only good at sewing two pieces of fabric together in a somewhat straight line. I kinda wing it. I might attempt making costumes for the kids this year...I made one for Haleys first halloween. She was a butterfly and I made my own pattern and made a black bunting thingy complete with zipper. I put velcro on the back and attached giant wings. It was adorable. You can see it here.

I will take a few pictures tonight and post them :)


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