Monday, October 11, 2004

Mondays are just that..Mondays

The day after the busy weekend, the day after having nice family time. Today is Monday. I am hosting Bunko tonight at my house, so you guessed it. I am cleaning. I am cleaning blue finger prints off walls, spilled juice, and putting away toys. Then putting toys away again. haha I am constantly picking up things I just put away. It's so much fun! I would think the toys had legs or something...kinda like Toy Story. They just come right back out. Or I have a toddler. :) Its almost nap time for her so that will help. The downside Easton went down earlier then usual, so now he will wake as soon as I put her down, so there goes quick clean time. It will take longer. I have chili to make, pigs in a blanket, day old bath water punch, and guacamole. I have tables to set up, candy to put out, get into my halloween costume, and shower. Can't forget that. The afternoon is gonna be busy. I gotta get moving. Its so much easier to sit though isn't it? haha

I didn't want to leave you all hanging, I am here, just busy. Haley threw the biggest fit today. My mom was lucky enough to be on the phone listening to her. It started because I wouldn't let her carry around the brand new box of honey graham sticks. I got her a bowl..but that was NOT OK. So she screamed, cried, stood behind me and clinched her fists, pushed over her chairs. She was letting me know she was NOT happy! She got so worked up. My mom laughed and said that it sounded just like me when I was her age. I am glad she finds the humor in it :) She finally calmed and sat with me in the chair and accepted the bowl of snacks. All was forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Haha, you are right, I was lucky enough to hear. It warms my heart to hear Haley display her ornery side! She is just like her mommy, and happily I loved and still love ornery! It shows what a wonderful spirit that you and she share, and if allowed, all will be fine. Doesn't mean you have to give in, just means you ignore it and be consistent! Just like with you, I never worry about Haley being pushed around too much by others. She will learn the difference, just like you did between the battles and the wars and which are important to pursue. She's two! Haha, oh my how she is two. Just wait until Three..hehe. Love you both with all my heart! Mom :-)

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