Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The cutest thing..

The princess is so into her books. I read so many a day, which is great. I enjoy reading to her. She brings me one after another, and she really gets into the story. Well, I was sitting at the computer and would take a break to read a few to her. She left, (I thought to get another one) a few minutes later I hear "toddlerese". I turned around and she was sitting at her little table behind me, and was reading Brown Bear Brown Bear, what do you see! She was at the last page where it lists all the animals, and she was pointing at them and saying their names and their sounds(something we added when reading) I tried to catch it on sound, but needed to take the picture first to go along with her talking..and well she was "caught". So all I have is her picture and she flipped the page...but trust me, it was so adorable!


jenniferbf said...

Those moments are so precious! Have you caught her on video tape doing that yet? She'll love that one as a teenager!

Mrs. Flinger said...

Oh, that's so cute!! We have a TON of kid books for LB. I love reading kid books. I think it's awesome that you read so much to her.

When I taught pre-k, my favorite time of the day was "silent reading". After snack they had to go get a book and sit and read "quietly", which meant mouthing sounds/making up stories to the pictures/pretending they knew the words. I think kids reading (or making noises immitating the adults) is by far the most touching picture. I can only imagine how cute she was being.

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