Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly..

The Good: Haley slept til 11 am! (She has been really tired..and needed the rest)
The Bad: She won't want to take a nap at one o'clock...
The Ugly: When she woke up, she was coughing, and had dried snot..so now she is part of the snotty cold club... :(

The Good: Easton slept til 5:45am! he went back to sleep and didn't wake til 10 am!
The Bad: He is kinda crabby..
The Ugly: He has bubbles of snot coming from his nose.

The Good: I am not going to do my bible study today
The Bad: I don't get to go to bible study tomorrow because the kids are sick.
The Ugly: I am staying home tomorrow with two sick kids..

The Good: I got to sleep in today! (ok, so not really considering I normally wake up at 8:45-9.)
The Bad: I was woken up when my husband was leaving to take the dog to the vet at 7:30.
The Ugly: I think I am getting the stupid cold.

The Good: The dog is getting neutered today!!
The Bad: The dog is coming home today!
The Ugly: The dog probably won't stop licking himself..and will need a cone.

The Good: Tomorrow is the Harvest Festival
The Bad: Easton's costume sadly, is not here in time..
The Ugly: They are both sick and we may not be taking them anyway...(we will see how they feel)

The Good: Haley loves lolipops.
The Bad: Lolipops are messy.
The Ugly: She is sticky, my arm is sticky, the couch is sticky, the wall is sticky..

The Good: Last night we got "GHOSTED"!
The Bad: It wasn't from my nighborhood :(
The Ugly: I get to do it again for two more people..this time I am not doing my street! :)


Mrs. Flinger said...

What a clever post! I love it. You're so creative.

Shylah said...

We have a little thing going on with our Mom's Club that's similar to your Ghosting - only we call it getting "Booed" I got booed last week, and had to boo two other people. It's a cute little fun game. =)

(p.s. Found you linked through blog explosion)

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