Friday, October 22, 2004

Ogres are like onions..

Today is busy. I am a leader for a moms group I attend at church. Its wonderful, and today was the first day this season. It was our kick off, more of a meet and greet and make a cute little scrapbook. So I got home around 12:30. I then started cooking my kidney beans because I am making chili and cream of broccoli soup for a Harvest Party we are having with our sunday school class tonight. So I get Haley down for a nap, who had too much sugar and refused for quite awhile until falling asleep. And my lil prince..well he didn't give in. He is so stinking tired, but he knows mommy has a lot to do and its more fun to play with her then sleep. So I have been cooking chili, and making soup. I still need to come up with a costume tonight. Its an "old western" theme, and I have nothing to wear. I am borrowing some of my parents things, they have all that good stuff, hats and boots. We are dropping off the kids at their house where they will be joining their 3 cousins. My parents are brave :) then we are off to my sisters house since that is where its at, and we will be setting up. I am waiting for my great grandparents to bring the hay. How they hay will I get the Hay to my sisters??? No idea. oh and by the way I hate chopping onions. They make me cry!!!!


Mrs. Flinger said...

Oooh, I'm going to be looking for a church mom group. That's so cool you're a leader!

I don't know how you do this with two kids. WHEWY. I'm one tired new momma!

Thanks for all your encouraging comments on my post. :-)

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