Wednesday, October 13, 2004

8 Months

So I am a little late, I finally have a free moment. My lil prince is 8 months old today. *gasp* I really want to cry. I can not believe he is so old already. Even though I still like to think of him as only 6.5 months since he was early, the reality of it is that he is 8 months. I will have the nurse come and do another evaluation on him, and we will see if he has caught up some. He is so adorable..ok so I am biased. His grin just lights everyone up. He has a spark about him. Here are some fun pictures from this week...he is getting into mischief already.. :) He HAS to be on the floor, so he can get to where he wants to go backwards. He gets on the knees and can push forward, but enjoys backwards more.

This is a good spot to see the TV from, its like a cave.

What? Never seen a baby scoot backwards between the couches before?

Sisters are great aren't they!? I bet I can get her to give me her food too!

Check out the teefies!

Sitting is so fun!

I can crawl!, maybe not. Not. moving. forward.

I have the rocking down..what next?


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh-- he is SO cute! I'm so jealous. Wait. I have a baby. But he is STILL Cute!!!!

-the sarcastic journalist

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