Sunday, October 31, 2004

Just when I thought we were safe.

IT happened. We can no longer sit in peace and relaxation. The prince found the gift of mobility. He has been crawling for a few weeks now, but its a inch worm type crawl. Crawling a few inches at a time to rest and play. The last day or so, its more of a very skilled inch worm that moves fast. An Inch worm that moves towards the dog dish. An inch worm that puts dog food in his mouth. An inch worm who goes over things, not around, who eats little peices of who knows what he finds in the carpet. It can be spotless and he manages to find something. Its crazy. I thought he would decide not to crawl, but he fooled me. He crawls. He follows me wherever I go, he hears sister playing and goes down the hall. He sees me cooking and he crawls into the kitchen, and finds the dog bowls. We have moved those bowls all over the kitchen and he manages to find them. Now its time to baby proof again. a few more cupboards need locks. we need to find a baby gate that can go the length of our living room, to keep him out of the kitchen. Another to go in the hallway to keep him away from the rooms. I just need one for the middle of the room, so he can't go anywhere :) He is a busy one. I thought I was gonna be blessed with a busy one(Haley) and a calm one (Easton). But it turns out he wants to keep up with big sister...yikes. We are in trouble. :)


Erin said...

Oh nO! I thought I'd earned my "calm one" with Ben. You mean you can have TWO busy ones in a row? I may have to rethink this getting pregnant again next summer idea...


Mrs. Flinger said...

ok, first of all, Erin, NEXT SUMMER? As in 2005?? Woah! No kidding mommy amnesia is strong. Then again, wait, let me count.... Well, that makes Ben two, right? When #2busybody is born? Egad. I guess that's not that soon. I think it'll take nine years for me. :-) (I lie. Watch me get pregnant September 2006)

And Bree, so long to blogging! :-) Hee hee.

buhtafly said...

Oh...I can always find time to blog :) hehe

Erin, heres hoping your 2nd is calm...I have heard it can happen. hehe Just not to me. I am hoping 3rd times a charm?

Leslie, mommy amnesia is way too strong. We are thinking of getting pregnant next summer for #3. hehe and Sept '06? I am betting Dec of '05 ;) hehehe

jiri said...

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