Saturday, October 16, 2004

Saturday was fun.

We got up and went to the Grizzlies Flag Football game. They didn't win, but hey, that's ok. They are a really good team for a bunch of 6-8 year olds. Kyle is a assistant coach, along with my brother in law and my nephew is on the team. The princess enjoyed laying inside the 20 yd line marker. I wish I had my camera. She also put puppy the stuffed dog in it, and told me to be quiet, he was sleeping. She loves being chased around by her cousins, and playing with the football players. They don't seem to mind her, even when she puts one of their mouth pieces in her mouth...BLECH! Easton was content being passed around and sitting on the ground grabbing at the silly green stuff in front of him. We then had to remove Haley out of her aunties van, she ditched us last weekend to play at their house, and she tried to do it again this weekend. So we went to McD's with them so she could enjoy eating fries. After that we went to the mall. She desperately needed some new tennis shoes. We got her the cutest pair of Nikes. I am jealous. They are silver and pink..who wouldn't want those. :) I also had to get her a dress at Gymboree. I don't often buy her things there, but this was so stinkin cute, and on sale. (the only way I get things there) Check it out..

ok so I got her another one can you resist when they are more then 50% off!! ;) hehe

OK since I found those pictures..I found her shoes too.. :)

Little girls are fun to shop for. I haven't bought anything for her for a few this felt good..hehe. After spending too much money.. we came home and hung around, ate dinner, played with Little People, gave the kids baths, and then listened to Easton GIGGLE! Ok. So he has giggled, he screetches mostly. Or just smiles really big when things are funny. Well tonight, after they got out of the bath, Haley was running nekkid in her room, she was hiding under her crib then crawling back out and jumping at us. Easton could not stop laughing at her. Full on belly giggles. It was adorable. What fun.

Tonight, I really saw how much fun it is to have a sibling. They played with noahs ark animals, he would take them from her, as little brothers should do, she would grab them back, and say "NO! dooce doush!", like big sisters do. They played in the bath, he was eating the foam letters, and she laughed at him...and he would giggle. She dumped water on his head, and he smiled. It was just so cute tonight. While shopping for shoes, he was laying in the stroller, and she pulled the top canopy down, and said nite nite dooce doush. The salesman just laughed! (although he thought she said dude...hehe I didn't want to correct him) the way she says his name is kind of embarrassing and I am sure he will hate it when we mention it when he is in highschool :)
But I think they will be great friends as they grow up..and enemies. But at this age, you can already tell what fun it will be :)


Erin said...

those dresses and shoes are ADORABLE. I love buying kid clothes... just took a trip to Babies R Us yesterday afternoon and splurged on some more fall/winter stuff for the boy. I will say there is WAY more cute girl stuff than there is boy stuff.... but I manage to find some cute things. ;)

monkeygirl said...

I definitely concur about shopping for girls! It's actually addictive. Thing is - my little girl is growing up so fast that I'm lucky if she gets 2 wears out of an outfit!

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