Friday, October 08, 2004

Late night thoughts.

Or early morning, since its now 12 am. I forgot I had to pump, so here I am. I have fifteen minutes. I just checked on the kids. Easton is peacefully asleep after fighting it earlier. He is on his tummy with his legs tucked under his bottom with his feet crossed. So adorable. He got up on his knees this evening..and rocked :) crawling is just around the corner. Then I checked on Haley, she is asleep with about 5 dishtowels, a cabbage patch I had when I was little, a monkey, a bear, a puppy, two binkys, blanket and pillow. Does that sound like a lot. I moved them all to the sides of her bed, and covered her back up, she stirred. Seeing them sleep is so precious. I poured some milk earlier, and something plopped out. I showed Kyle, and he said..ewe..I scooped it out with a spoon and its some sort of tan looking bug with wings. Slender..and long, size of a rice maybe? I was I thought I was doing a good thing getting organic milk, but I never thought organic meant complete with bugs. So now what? Do I call the dairy? Should I inform them that there was a bug? We just opened it yesterday and the lid has been on the whole time..I don't think it came from us..besides, we have spiders, not tan rice bugs with wings.

Its raining. I need to decide if the kids and I will brave the weather and watch the pee wee football game at 12:45, and my BIL's game at 2, or stay inside tomorrow. Part of me wants to get out, even if it means getting wet and muddy. I stay home most the week. Weekends are for getting out :) especially when the husband is home, we can double team the kidlets. I will keep ya posted.


Mrs. Flinger said...

Amen to the getting out. I needed to walk yesterday but all that rain.. ugh. I don't have a coat that covers the belly now so I'd be soaked.

Looks like there are sunny skies this morning (between clouds). Maybe the rain will let up for a bit? One can always hope.

Happy weekend!

JulieB said...

Yuck about the bug! I don't know what I would do. I hope you got to get out of the house!

A said...

Charlie insists on going to bed with pooh bear, tigger, 2 little blankies, one big blanket, mickey mouse, and a lamb/blanket. Sometimes all these friends keep him up since he can barely hold them all. Too funny.

One time I bought cauliflower at the farmer's market because they're all "pesticide free is best!" and I was all "ok, give me one". As she was handing me one I looked on it and there was a SNAIL on one of the leaves surrounding the head of cauli. I pointed to it, the lady screamed [literally], then tore off the snail leaf and handed me the rest of the head. I said "um, no...I have to go barf now,".


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