Monday, August 30, 2004

Not too much to report

My family is still sick..Dustin is still in critical condition. More news to report when I get some. My kids are growing up too fast. We went to the fair yesterday, and Easton was trying to sit up in the stroller to watch everything. He also was able to lean over and grab the baggie of goldfish crackers..I bet he was open the bag..humm... tonight we are going to church to watch the new Veggietales movie..Sumo of the Opera. should be fun. Rootbear floats..yummy. I dont want to make dinner..just have one of those days? I think McD's is calling our name...haha

Monday, August 23, 2004

Pizza, Lettuce or Chicken?

We had alot of family visit last week..Thursday thru Tuesday. And now we are being investigated by the health dept. We all got together for dinner on Thursday..had lunch together on Friday, then dinner Saturday night and Sunday night..several familys stayed at 3 of our houses here in town. A few people from each house got sick Sunday night and Monday ..tummy pains..visits to the bathroom..the whole deal. Some only had tummy pains..well when they got back home a few states away on of my cousins was still seriously ill..He went to the ER on Wednesday with blood in his poop...(gross I know) they sent him home with antibiotics. Well then he went back a day or so later...even worse..he has now been in the hospital for 3-4 days..not getting better. My cousins daughter who is 4..was also admitted for a few days..she had blood in her poo too..she is now home. they dont know what it is, because they had antibiotics in their systems its making the cultures hard to grow. My cousin, is getting really really worse..My sister finally called her Dr, because she is still sick..not as severe..but ill. He said he was calling the health dept. So now she has been on the phone all day with them..and I was IMing her all the answers she is asking me as well, getting ages, addresses..the whole deal .They seem really interested about this..and are hoping we can find the cause. So far, its looking like the pizza, the lettuce or the chicken. Most likely E coli..and my cousin is having some major complications from it. I gave my aunt all the info we got and I found alot of info on the internet that I think could be going on with him. I found that antibiotics could make ecoli victims worse(I should be a Dr..I have a degree in Internet google medical searches, why dont Drs use the internet? Hell-oh?) ..I just hope they look into it.. I will keep you posted on this one..We welcome all prayers for him, his name is Dustin..

I am giving my one and only blog reader something to read. :)

So bare with me if I am posting several at a time..I like topics to stay together..and so much has happened lately I dont want to post one long long story with a million topics.

When two cars collide..

its a bad thing. We got a call from hubbys mom as we were walking out the door on our way to church Sunday morning. His dad was in a head on collision on his way home from a softball tournament..(yes he plays softball too, its in the blood) His friend was driving his brand new van..with only 500 miles on it..and were hit by an oncoming car who drifted into their lane...scary..driver sides hit, and mangled, crumbling the vans driver and slider doors and tearing off the tire of the other small version of a SUV.. Thankfully everyone is alive. It took 50 min for the ambulance to get there..which is really bad..good thing my FIL's friend wasnt in even worse shape..He ended up being taken to the hospital with 2 compound fractures in his arm, broken ribs, punctured lung, lacerated spleen, contusion on his pancreas..he is doing ok considering. My FIL has a gash on his forehead..and nothing else..he is pretty sore though. who wouldnt be. The other people in the car got taken to the hospital..but I think are doing well. Thankgoodness they are all ok. Makes your heart stop when you get a call like that..brings back memories of when hubby and I were in a car accident when we were in at the time..his mom was driving us to pizza after hubbys team just won the city championship in baseball. We got t-boned as she accidently crossed a highway with out realizing it. She had to make that call to my the ambulance drove us away..scary. The car was totalled. It was another amazing miracle we all walked away with only bruises and little scrapes. Thankgoodness for Toyota Camrys. :)

Well I had that party..

it went ok..if you consider my mom, my mother in law, my sister and her friend the only ones who showed up.. how pathetic is that? Kinda sad if you ask me..I invited 29 people. My sister said maybe it was because people didnt have the money to buy anything. well ok, thats understandable..I am not gonna freak out if people dont buy anything, I dont care..but at least come, hang out, eat food, have fun so I dont feel like a loser. I was able to get a few nice outside I am almost to my goal of $500 so then I will get $100 in free stuff of my choice..I close the party on I am hoping a few more people who said they would :) I need to fill my new house with cool stuff :)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

My shirt tastes yummy

Ask Easton. Today, he loves it. Must be the stripes. He is attached to me like a little monkey, practicing sitting up in my lap while holding on to my necklace..while sucking on his hands and my shirt. Then he intently looks at my face while looking like he wants to tell me something. Too bad he cant speak yet... maybe he could tell me why he doesnt want to nap. He knows I have to clean since I am having a home interior type party tonight. But I am not allowed at the moment. His sister has already gone down for a now is a perfect time. *sigh* He is so tired...and normally sitting in my lap at the computer while listening to the hawaiian rendition of Somewhere over the rainbow usually helps him fall asleep. Not today..its gotta be the teeth. Why do we run out of the teething tablets at the most important times?

Friday, August 06, 2004

time to update

I need to get better about posting. Does anyone actually read this? Sometimes I feel like I am writing to myself. So I dont feel like someone is checking daily to see if I wrote something. Anyhoo, Haley sang Happy Birthday today. This is the first time I have got her to sing a song..of course it sounded like appy birfday ooo yuuu, appy birfday raa-nah, ooo u. But it was very cute. Today was my sisters birthday and we practiced the song all day. Easton was sitting up for at least 20 secs...he had an evalulation for development this week. He is actually ahead for his adjusted age of 19 weeks. He was tested at 22 weeks for social/personal and everything else was 22-21 weeks. He is 25 weeks old. He is doing great! I am worried that he is already a social little bug...eek..he is so cute..we are gonna be in trouble ;)

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