Friday, August 06, 2004

time to update

I need to get better about posting. Does anyone actually read this? Sometimes I feel like I am writing to myself. So I dont feel like someone is checking daily to see if I wrote something. Anyhoo, Haley sang Happy Birthday today. This is the first time I have got her to sing a song..of course it sounded like appy birfday ooo yuuu, appy birfday raa-nah, ooo u. But it was very cute. Today was my sisters birthday and we practiced the song all day. Easton was sitting up for at least 20 secs...he had an evalulation for development this week. He is actually ahead for his adjusted age of 19 weeks. He was tested at 22 weeks for social/personal and everything else was 22-21 weeks. He is 25 weeks old. He is doing great! I am worried that he is already a social little bug...eek..he is so cute..we are gonna be in trouble ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Its me Deb. Lol

I am reading. Your in the posts only sometimes section of the few blogs I read. I will check more if you write more. :o) / email me for my blog addy if you don't have it already. I am in the midst or more of the end side of a down/depression and my blog is actually scary to me right now. Good to see you updated. Yay.

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