Monday, August 23, 2004

I am giving my one and only blog reader something to read. :)

So bare with me if I am posting several at a time..I like topics to stay together..and so much has happened lately I dont want to post one long long story with a million topics.


Anonymous said...

*Giggles* Your posts are so perfect no matter what you say. Look at my new baby You have to copy and paste all of that to see her. She was flown in to florida from Kansas just the other day. (sept 9 04) She is paralyzed from the hips down. She is amazing though. Just amazing. Deb Angeltabitha55@msn dot com

buhtafly said...

Deb~ I was unable to see the picture..said I was not logged in. An error has occured..I would love to see her :) Thanks again for reading :) I am glad I am talking to someone..hehe :)

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