Thursday, August 19, 2004

My shirt tastes yummy

Ask Easton. Today, he loves it. Must be the stripes. He is attached to me like a little monkey, practicing sitting up in my lap while holding on to my necklace..while sucking on his hands and my shirt. Then he intently looks at my face while looking like he wants to tell me something. Too bad he cant speak yet... maybe he could tell me why he doesnt want to nap. He knows I have to clean since I am having a home interior type party tonight. But I am not allowed at the moment. His sister has already gone down for a now is a perfect time. *sigh* He is so tired...and normally sitting in my lap at the computer while listening to the hawaiian rendition of Somewhere over the rainbow usually helps him fall asleep. Not today..its gotta be the teeth. Why do we run out of the teething tablets at the most important times?


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