Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Evaluation update

Well today. went. Smoothly. ha! It actually wasn't too bad. Kyle went with me, thankfully. :) We got there on time after leaving almost 20 minutes late thanks to not getting out the door on time and noticing the tire was flat. Did I mention the appt was 45 miles north? HA!
So she spent 3hrs with 3 doctors, who told us she was FINE! Amazing. She said that now is the time we don't really need to correct her age much anymore. We can keep it in mind, but there really isn't a need. She is 25lbs, which on her adjusted chart, she is like 25 percentile, and on her corrected chart she was at 5%. Height, she was at 36 in which was 90% for adjusted and hum...I can't remember what it was for adjusted. Too many numbers..you didn't think I could remember it all did you? haha. Everything checked out well from the doctors perspective. She said the weird little tan mark on the inside of Haley's hand was probably some sort of owie from tape or something that pinched it when she was itty bitty in the nicu...said it wasn't anything to wory about. She told me to kick the bottle habit, and if she doesn't drink enough milk during the day, to try using instant breakfast to flavor it, or even herseys syrup, she said there are worse things to do ..so adding that wasn't horrible. But if I can't get her to drink it, then she needs to eat her calcium/protein. So cheese, yogurt, beans. So we are starting to wean off the bottle. This will be interesting....hopefully it doesn't take long and is painless. :)
After having a meltdown during the speech eval, and not doing anything she asked of her, and us having to answer questions for her, the speech therapist said she was at a 24-30mo level. (she is 30 mo) Said there wasn't anything to worry about there but would like to see her back in one year to make sure she was progressing. She gave us some tips and tricks to help her speech continue coming along. She graduated from occupational therapy. Said all was fine there :)

So the overall evaluation from all 3:
Your daughter seems to be doing very well for a former 25 weeker. Its amazing. She seems to be VERY independent, VERY determined, VERY stubborn, and VERY strongwilled. She needs lots of structure, and she may not listen to you at home with that structure, so its a good idea to get her in preschool next year. She needs to model other children. You need to get some resources on how to handle a child like this, such as Love and Logic, or 123 Magic. We will see her next fall just to make sure she is still on track. She looks great!

So could they have told me something I didn't already know??? I guess she showed her true colors today. It was reassuring that they said she was a typical toddler :) And after my husband shared that I was the same as a toddler, they said the apple doesn't fall far from the tree..and jokingly said it was paybacks. :)

Monday, November 29, 2004

Tomorrow, Bright and Early...

we are going to Haley's possible *last* developmental evaluation up in Portland. She is seeing 3 different Doctors starting at 9:30 am, each is scheduled for an hour. One is her regular dr that she has seen for all the evals, she checks everything... Then she is being seen by a speech language pathologist, then an occupational therapist. So wish us luck(and * be good* vibes, for Haley and Easton) I am really curious to hear what they have to say about Haley's speech, about her getting enough fats if I take away the bottle(she won't drink milk out of a sippy cup)...the cyst that was left behind from one of her brain bleeds...the list goes on.
Oh, the life of a micro-preemie. :) She has tested at her age level since 6 months..which is a miracle, but there is always plenty of room for "mommy worry". I do have some concern with speech..although I didn't talk well until I was 3. So I may have no reason to be concerned. We will just have to see what they say :)

So I will update when we get home...wish her luck!!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Long Weekend

We survived Thanksgiving. It all worked out, we were late to my parents and it was meltdown time for the kids after a long day. But we survived. It was nice to be with family and I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life. Friday, not alot went on, we ran a daycare for about 2 hours. :) Kyle and I watched our friend Becca's 2 children, same age as ours, and it over lapped watching my 3 neices and nephew. So at one time we had a 7, 5, 3, 2.5, 2.5, 9mo and a 7 mo old :) It was fun! I could so do 7 kids :) It wasn't so bad in those 2-3 hrs. I am sure if I had them for a week it might be a different story. hehe

Tonight, I went with my parents, grandparents and sister to the Manheim Streamroller concert. Their music is so wonderful! What a super talented group! It really got me in the Christmas spirit...as if I needed any help in that area. We had great seats too, and we are very happy we didn't pay the extra 30 for the floor seating. All they had to eat was cheese and wine. For an extra 30 bucks! We so had better seating.. :) We were the first row, so we could watch them all eat it. And watch the lady shove what was left into a napkin into her purse. :)

Ok here are a few pictures :)
Haley on Thanksgiving.

Best Friends what perfect angels...

Ok, So this is how it normally is...

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Say What?

Exactly, I can't. Last night I slowly felt the oncoming of my voice going away...by 1 am..it was gone. This morning, it feels gone and I know it is gone, so why talk to confirm my thoughts. Only the kids are home right now, and I don't have to talk to them. I can whisper and they won't think I am a fruit loop. Kyle is gone until he says, 12, I say 11. He is playing football. Its the millionth annual Turkey Bowl. It feels like if I clear my throat just right, it will come back. But sadly this has been happening most everytime I get a cold so I know better .It will be gone for a few days. :( I like talking so much, and so of course, I never let it rest and just make everyone listen to me as I speak through the hoarseness. My Inlaws are coming to my house for lunch. My MIL is bringing everything since it was a last minute decision to have it here. My house will be so crowded. I am not looking forward to this. We have a living room, that goes into the dining room and kitchen, like a great room..we don't have another room people can go sit in. So we will have 14 people sitting in chairs staring at each other, because my furniture only holds 6..and my kitchen table holds 4. This is gonna be interesting, then I need to get to my parents at 5 pm...what a day what a day. Let the festivities begin!
I think I am gonna go drink something hot to help my throat and watch the parade. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Well its that time again.

I have been neglecting my daily exercise. I did so well 6 months ago. I worked out in my living room while Haley napped and my little Easton sleep quietly in the rocker next to me. I did it for about 2 months. I lost quite a bit of my baby chub, and was starting to get toned up. I was measuring my thighs, tummy and arms. I was losing inches. I repeat inches. Well, then life happened and I slowly stopped doing it. To where now, I feel depressed and with the holidays, I am dreading all the foods I love to eat. Last year this time I was pregnant and so I had every excuse to eat as much as I wanted. This year no excuses. So I figured it I work out while I coast through the holidays..then it will even out right?

So Debbie Siebers here I come. (again) Today was Day ONE of my Slim in 6. I had already mastered Ramp it up, but figured I should start back at Start it up. (I know I will be sore tomorrow! This is an awesome work out video!) But I want to see Debbie do this while holding a 18lb baby in her arms, because today, the baby doesn't want put down. So there I was holding him while doing lunges, (just like if I had weights right?) and then I had the dog in my face while doing push ups. Bonus to that? he crawled under me, so I couldn't cheat and go down to my tummy between each one. hehe Don't these exercise people realize we are real..and don't have a nice studio to do this in with out kids? I think I will tape myself and then mass produce them to sell, It would go like this:

Picture the "studio", its a living room, kick a few toys out of the way...Your instructor (me) is wearing pjs, because who has time to shower and get dressed? I look like a normal mom of 2..thats a bonus right there..none of that, 'I have 4 kids and look like a super model in my short tight sports bra and stretch pants'.

Ok and now its time to start..so lunge forward..one, and two...go pick up the screaming baby, and 3 and 4. Put the screaming baby down, and 5 and let the dog out, 6, get the phone, 7 and 8. Now kick your leg forward and one, and give the baby some gerber puffs, and 2, let the dog in and 3 and 4, pick up the baby hold the baby and 5 and 6 and 7 and 8..now collapse on the floor and drink some water. :) Repeat doing multiple other squats, twists and situps.

I bet it would sell :)

Two is different. Not harder.

I always get asked from a mother of one, if having two is hard. Well I always answer them with, "its not harder, its just different". They look at me with a puzzled look and we go on talking about other things. So to explain why its different, here is example # 23.

When having two children, its preferred that you get them to nap at the same time to get optimum quiet time for the mother. Napping at the same time is hard to accomplish, but it can be done, and when it happens, its cause for a celebration. It is hard when you can not pick the time the infant wants to take a nap, especially when the toddler does not respond well to being told to stay in their room for nap time. So it becomes more of a challenge to obtain this afternoon nap simultaneously.

Today I was looking forward to taking a shower when both children napped. So that way it didn't have to be taken with the princess in the shower with me, and the prince crying in a rocker outside my curtain. The princess has a new routine which works just about everytime, and that is the sleeping in the chair while watching Space Balls, or The Grinch. (Something less stimulating) We began at 1:30..which was later then I had wanted but she was not ready to have quiet time yet. The prince already decided it was time, even after I tried to hold him off, and he went down at 12:30. Knowing he would take a few hour nap, I thought I had time.So I waited for the princess to fall asleep. I talked on the phone to my wonderful Canadian friend, and peeked on said princess and she was napping. Right when I was about to take her to her room, I heard some noise from the princes' room. One down, the other is up. That my friends is what I mean by different. Its not harder..just means that now I have to take a shower while the prince cries outside my curtain, and I can forget shaving my legs today. :)

Its ok to strive for that optimum simultaneous nap everyday..and when it happens...jump for joy ;)

Beware of bad Beech-Nuts

Let me start off with saying, that I am a horrible mother. I can't believe I fed my child rancid baby food. I plop down on the floor and began to feed Easton some Vanilla Custard Pudding with Apples. I was excited because this was the first time for him to try this kind. OK, so maybe I was really excited because this one tastes really good and I couldn't wait to eat some. So I opened it and I heard the all familar "POP" as I twisted it open. I smelled it, why? I don't know. I just did. It didn't smell particuarly good..but I didn't think anything of it. I sat down next to him and began feeding it to him. He made a funny look with the first bite. I figured..eh. New flavor. I gave him a second bite, he didn't seem to care. So I went on to give him a few more bites. The smell just kept bugging me, so I smelled it a few more times. I decided..I need to taste this. And OH MY! It was sour!!!! just like sour milk! I could NOT believe I was feeding it to him even if it smelled funny. I can't believe he was trusting enough to continue to accept spoonfuls, he should have said.."gee mom this food SUCKS! I don't want to eat this!" I should have tasted it immediately or not given it to him at all if it was making me have second thoughts. I feel so bad. So I got up put it on the counter and got him a jar of Peaches n Bananas. He was much happier. So guess who got an email from me? Yup. Beech-Nut. We will see what they have to say about racid baby food! BLECH. So its my turn to step up for the worst mommy award.

Monday, November 22, 2004

1 am...whats the deal?

Easton is not happy. He isn't extremely unhappy, not angry. He is just complaining. When I go in to his room, turn on the mobile, rub his back, he stops...I leave, lay back down in bed, and he whines again. I go in, turn on the mobile, rub his back and he stops...see the pattern? The usuals aren't working, doesn't want to eat, doesn't really want held, doesn't want anything but his backed rubbed..well my arm will fall off if I stand there any longer rubbing his back. It takes it 2 min for it to fall asleep. I am afraid it will just fall off if I stand there with my arm over the rail for longer then 5. Gotta go back in....I will be back.

Its not the diaper, its not the mobile, because he is fussing with and without it playing. He has his towel, his blanket, a bottle...those aren't helping. But what did I forget, it had to be something you ask. Yes, my friends, I forgot something. Teething Tablets. I just gave him some, and he is quiet..he has calmed down. I tell ya, they are the wonder drug. Minutes have gone by, and I sit here blogging about the fact that he has calmed down and sounds as if he has gone to sleep finally after about 30 min of this..so what am I doing still up? Exactly..I am gonna take advantage of this silence... Night :)

PS. Dear Tooth Fairy,
Easton, my little prince, has two teeth coming up on the bottom. He seems to be in some pain and they are taking awhile to come in. So I don't know if its in your job description to help teeth pop up..but If it is, please help them :) If not, could you forward this memo to Mr. Sandman?
Thank you so kindly :)

Sunday, November 21, 2004

What a fun day :)

Yesterday we were invited with a friend of ours to go see Monsters Inc on Ice with them. Kendall and Haley are the same age. It was so much fun and the girls were so good. They sat and watched the whole time. They got antsy at the end but that was to be expected. Here are some pictures. While Haley and I did that, Kyle took Easton with him to the baby expo here in town. He has a Country booth there and got to sit for a few hours with the little prince. He is so cute, it helped draw people in :) So today, the whole family is going to go sit for a few hours after church at the expo. Kyles company is giving away a Graco travel system, and we got JcPennys studio to offer up a membership and some coupons, so if you are in the area, come on by and sign up to win!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

What to say.

I am kinda at a loss right now to write about something..and I know that later, I will go..."OH! I should have blogged about that" but right now, my brain is blank. So I will just tell you whats going on. I am getting my hair colored today. I am so excited, it hasn't been colored since summer. So it comes at a good time, since tomorrow is christmas pictures. Hopefully it doesn't turn out blue or something..eek! I also have to finalize the craft for tomorrow's mom2mom. I don't think I realized I would be doing this much work, but I am so excited because this an awesome craft. I feel bad that we won't have time to finish it there, but at least they learn how and can finish at home, or we can all get together with those who want to finish it. This is the craft, Quilted Ball Ornament . If you get the hang of it, they are beautiful presents :) So tonight I need to count out 240 little tiny pins for each person...about 30 sets..YIKES!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The little boy in the house.

I have seemed to be preoccupied blogging about my little miss terror, er I mean princess. :) But there is a prince in the house, and he is just that. My little prince. He is makin leaps and bounds, and going through a fussy stage at the moment, according to Erins blog he is right on schedule at 34 weeks(corrected age) to be fussy. Depending on what age you go by, which he hasn't "caught" up to his actual age, so I consider him in between. Which according to the book Wonder Weeks, he is in a grey area of fussyness until week 37.5. SO heres hoping he is ahead and we are almost in the calm stage :)

He is learning something new everyday. Today was crawling then, going into sitting. Crawl, sit, crawl. He is one fast crawler too. Kyle said they should have baby olympics, because he thinks Easton would win. New last week? Standing. He stands in his crib, he stands at the toy basket. Stands at the couch. Its so fun to watch him discover these new things. Practice makes perfect. And boy does he practice.

Here are a few pictures in an album for easy viewing :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Knock Knock

Whos there?

I would love to know who my readers are. So if you get a second, please comment on who ya are, where you come from, if you have kids, or if you have pets. :)

I hope you all are having a great day!

** Update**
Thank you for letting me know who you are. Its nice to meet you :) Its great to see a comment or two from those who read. :) I appreciate you all visiting this blog, makes writing more enjoyable knowing someone is reading it :)

Monday, November 15, 2004

Sleep with one eye open..

This is what was found on our carpet, about 10 min ago. It is now dead as dead can be. But you see, this is not just your garden variety spider. This is what one would call a Hobo. This is a female Hobo. I immediately took several pictures while it sat motionless, because it knew it was being stalked. Of course my digital 5x zoom did its job, there was NO WAY I was getting closer then I had to. I called my dad while telling Kyle to cup it in a baby food jar for Identification... now that was funny, as he was refusing because the jar was too little and he would have to get close..hehe All of a sudden without warning the spider made a break for it, and we freaked, while Kyle was searching for something to kill it with and I was threatening that he better not let that sucker hide! My dad agreed that it was indeed a Hobo after viewing the pictures I sent him...

Hobo. That is scary. I don't like spiders to begin with, let alone ones that SIZE! and ones that are poisonous and their bites will leave big open holes in your skin...I have children who are on the floor and playing! I think there was another in the garage a week ago that I had Kyle kill. I joked it was a Hobo, I now don't think it was a very funny joke. It probably was. We are bombing this weekend..which does have its downside, since it will kill the ones who kill the Hobos, but you know..lets start out with no spiders first, then the good ones can come and kill the new hobos. All I know is that the Hobo's better not mess with this momma's babies!!

You wouldn't believe it!

Today..a monday of all days...Haley took a nap. She put herself to bed and layed down. Of course came out 5 min later. She wanted to watch a movie. So I said ok, get in the chair. She did, with towel, mimi and puppy. I put in her new favorite movie. She calls it "puppy". I was hoping she would fall asleep while watching it because I am not really enthused that this is what she is wanting to watch. I was so amazed...she fell asleep!

I was so happy because I really don't think a 2 year old should be watching Space Balls! She thinks Barf is a puppy! She doesn't understand what a mog is yet. ;) haha I am sure it was so boring thats why she asleep!

But she napped!! YAY! Tomorrow: Chair and Space Balls it is.


Here is a site that I found to hold many pictures. Its a photoblog. Please check it out, and it might be easier to view them as a slideshow. Or I think you can click on the picture to make it bigger. Just let me know if you found it easy :) FallBLOG

Enjoy :)

*** UPDATE***

Did you find it easy to look at the pictures on that site? or is it better just putting them in the post? I don't know how to thumbnail them..anyone know how?

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Where the wild things are...

Haley had a harder time going to bed tonight, probably since she had a nap. Go figure. I went in to check on her and I couldn't find her. I listened quietly and I heard her snoring...I walked to the other side of her bed to this I found....

Notice the border is missing in spots...I love that border. It amazingly matched her pottery barn bedding... but I guess she is tired of it!

It's a Fluke

Today, after a week of no nap, Haley took a nap! We went to church and as soon as Kyle put her in the car (at noon, he was waiting for me, I had to go look at decor for mom2mom real quick) she fell asleep by the time I came out! So we got home and put her in her bed. She slept for 3 hrs! We couldn't believe it. She took a nap! Hallelujah! I think its a fluke thing though, so we will see what happens tomorrow.

Also, tonight Haley asked for tuna fish. I didn't think that was what she was pointing at, so I lifted her up to show me. Sure enough it was the can of tuna she wanted. She doesn't like tuna, she won't eat it. So I decided that maybe she changed her mind about it. She ate it! I put mayo in it..and she ate it with a fork. Not alot..just a few bites and liked it. It was pretty funny. Again, another fluke. I doubt she will ever try that again.

She also sat quietly in our laps today. She doesn't sit still, she doesn't cuddle. This evening she has cuddled the whole time. In my lap, in her daddys lap. Its so wonderful. These are the moments that make all the tantrums worth it this week. (well sorta, pretty darn close though..hehe)

I also won a bid on Ebay tonight. 2 super cute holiday OshKosh dresses that were barely worn. It comes with a cute onsie underneath. I got it all for 8 bucks! amazing. What a fluke.

Ok one more fluke. She ate dinner. That has been a struggle as well. She eats like a bird but somethings and every once in awhile, she chows down. Tonight was that night. She loved my pineapple chicken over rice. But of course wanted to eat it out of daddys bowl, and I am sure she won't like it next time I make it. haha

Ohhh so today was a day of flukes..strokes of luck. :) Here's hoping that they were more then just luck!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Sleep Journal 11/10

Today is day two of no crib. Well we took the front off of it and its now a toddler bed. Which she likes.

Last night, Haley went to bed well, Daddy put her down at 7:30. She got up once and he told her to lay back down. She went to sleep. She woke at 3:45 and came out crying asking to watch Monsters Inc. Kyle told her no, and put her back in bed. Then she came out at 5:30 and I put her back to bed. Which her screaming woke up her brother. nice. But she didn't wake until I woke her at 9 to go to bible study. So, I guess that was do able. I can handle that.

Todays nap? it was non exsistant again. It almost worked, but she pooped shortly after being in bed, so then I had to change her diaper, which interrupted the whole idea of a nap. So then I tried a few things to help her go to sleep and they failed. I played music and rubbed her back. She was almost asleep until the classical station threw some loud percussion into the song. Can I sue for something like that? ..I thought it was soft music..when I listened and heard nothing but relaxing music I left it on that station, then all of a sudden in the middle of it they put in loud craziness. It perked her attention..thats for sure. Shouldn't that be illegal?So then they talked for what seemed like forever and it lost her interest and her stuffed animal begain to fly around her head. Finally she came out and I told her she had to be quiet and lay on the couch. She watched Shrek 2. Almost the whole thing. She tried to get up, but I was stern and she stayed on the couch for most of it. I was satisfied. She took it easy, which is what I wanted. She needs some down time, for being such a busy body.

On our way to Awana, at 6:20, she fell asleep. She had hit her max. She was cranky, tired, and started coughing. (We went to church Sunday, and you see, 48-72 hrs is about the correct incubation period of a cold. Therefore showing up today. Nice. I wish people stopped taking their sick kids. Its a rule, come on!) So I kept her with me as I chased my Cubbies. And she tried to play games with the kids.

Bedtime. 8:30 pm. She went in willingly. Daddy tucked her in. She stayed. She fell asleep. She is still sleeping. I put her clothes back into her drawers, un folded of course. So we will see if they remain in the morning. I hope they stay. I like dressers. They serve purpose, trying to find clothes on the floor is hard...why was it so easy as a teenager?

Now its time for me to go to bed. Its hard having a toddler moving into a big girl bed, and an infant still not sleeping consistantly through the night. Maybe I should have tried this before he came? Nah....she wasn't ready. Note to those of you with infants/toddlers. Cribs are good. Keep them in as long as possible. :)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

How do I Discipline?

That very question was asked on a board that I have been a member of since I first found out I was pregnant On Christmas Day of 2001.(ok so maybe a few weeks later) But we have all been together for almost 3 years no less and the 40 or so of us that broke off to form our own group a few years ago have a very wonderful relationship. We are all dealing with 2 year olds. The question of discipline came up since we are starting to deal with terrible twos in one form or another. This is how I answered it, and you can tell what kind of day I had today. I will add, The Princess has learned the art of climbing the past couple weeks and gets out of her crib. We have managed to keep her in it still until today. But this day was soon to come, and today it was. She now has a mattress on the floor.
My answer to discipline:

Discipline??? whats that? I have decided to throw out disciplining and let Haley do whatever the hell she wants. Why? because Kyle was checking out my new hair cut..and then goes..is that grey? I think you have some grey hair.

So thats why! No more. I am getting grey hair.(I havent looked yet) but I guess its better then pulling all of my hair out. but I have decided to forget the discipline. she will grow out of it right? I now lay down with her on the ground and laugh my evil laugh. I tell her she can do it all she wants..that I was the master of evilness at age 2, 3 and 4. That she won't do anything that I haven't already done and that she can have at it. I tell her that Mommy was the Queen of tantrums, fits and screaming. She is only my little Princess and has much to learn still. Kyle referred to her the other day as my evil spawn (my parents were telling him that Haley does just as I did) and he corrected himself..he said..forget the evil..she is your DIRECT SPAWN!

So you see. I give up. I turned out ok, and so if I just teach her what to do right instead of fight it, we will be happier and I won't have grey hairs. So at a resturant, I need to show her how to rub ketchup handprints all over the nice old ladies that wave to her in the next booth, and I need to show her the proper techinque to throwing yourself on the floor at the grocery store to ensure the trip to go sit in the car. I need to show her how to throw toys galore at me or her father while we sit on a stool drinking a pepsi in her doorway. I should probably start teaching her how to bite as well, and how to do it right, so you leave a scar. (yes these are all things I mastered)

So from here on out, I refuse all forms of discipline! It really is overrated. We are also on a first name basis now. She calls me Bree, I call her Haley..we now have a mutual level of respect. We treat each other as equals..thats how it should be right?

Oy! ;)

Monday, November 08, 2004

This just in...

I just got these two pictures from my grandpa, he took them on Halloween, they were just too cute not to share :)

Hanging out with Ah-pa on his Goulish Birthday :)

Sunday, November 07, 2004

A story about a puppy.

This is no ordinary puppy, this is Haleys puppy. No, we aren't talking about Bear, her stange looking, lick your face, steal your food-puppy. We are talking about a tan little pup who is stuffed with white fluff. This puppy was picked out at Target. She got so excited when she saw him, you would think they were separated long long ago. They have been inseparatable since. He goes everywhere with us. Puppy has been on many adventures, until a week ago, he was lost. We couldn't find him anywhere! I blamed daddy, because he took the kids from me the night I got my hair cut, and he was never to be seen again. We thought he dropped him in the parking lot at work. He asked around at work, we looked around the house. Haley was so sad, and no other puppy or stuffed animal would do. Not even the one she was attached to before this new one. He was ok. He was acceptable to sleep with, but that was it. So then Haley and Easton went with Nana Coo Coo and Ahpa Coo Coo last Wednesday. Nana CooCoo was going to see if Target had the same puppy, which was so thoughtful. They had a few that were similar and they just weren't "puppy" so Haley threw them aside and chose a kitty instead. Nana CooCoo aplogized. A few days later, we had to go to Target, and decided to look again, maybe they got more in. This time, Haley loved two of the puppies that she tossed aside the last time, and we tried to get her to pick one, and then we would get another identical to that one, so we wouldn't have this situation again..and that wouldn't do. She had to have both. Since she was so heartbroken about tan puppy, we agreed and she got both. Staying with me? So far, we are at 1 kitty, 2 puppies, to replace 1 puppy. Then we saw NanaCooCoo again and she surprised Haley with another puppy, this one was different, but tan no less. Haley hugged him, but wasn't real attached. So now, the count is 1 kitty- 3 puppies. We also had to take 2 puppies with us everywhere we went, its hard enought keeping track of one..let alone two now...

Today something very special happened. After a week of being missing, we found tan puppy. Yes, he was rescued. I put Bear(alive, hairy type dog) in his crate, and noticed tan puppy was hiding out in there, along with a dishtowel. Guess who had been playing in the crate with them a the day after I thought he was missing. Yup Haley. She was playing 'doggy in the crate' and put them in there, we remember seeing her. But we never thought to look in there. Bear also discovered tan puppy and had been sleeping with him all week, and chewed off his nose. So I took tan puppy without a nose and threw in in the washer. Then puppy had surgery while Haley napped. I sewed his nose up and created a new threaded nose and mouth since he looked funny with out. We surprised Haley when she got up...You should have seen the smile on her face! There he was! It was him!! she was confused by his nose, and I explained he had an owie and mommy had to fix it. She was ok with that, and grabbed her other new puppy and put both in the stroller and took them for a ride. It was as if he was never gone.
Here is tan puppy with a new nose :)

This is the group of animals that we tried to ease the heartbreak with..she now has 1 kitty and 4 puppies. not to mention the rest of the zoo in her room :)

She just loves tan puppy. Now if anyone is at a Target and you happen to see tan puppy(who was in this weeks ad...he was stuffed inside a backseat hanging activity center thingy), let me know and I will pay you for him and shipping..I think we need a spare. hehe Good thing is, he and the kitty and the 2 other similar pups are only 2.99.. Thats a great price :) for how many we bought..haha
We are so happy tan puppy is back! Now hopefully we can just take one puppy with us again :)

Is there an off switch?

or at least half energy button? I don't know where she gets it. The princess has now decided to refuse all forms of transportation regarding, being held, carts, or strollers. She wants independence. She wants to run, jump, lay down on the big yellow circle at Best Buy. She wants to push the cart, or stroller. Holding hands? forget it. You put her in the cart, she now climbs out, while its moving because that doesn't stop her. Nothing stops her or slows her down. Pushing the stroller would be ok, if she had a license to push one, she is all over the place. Hitting ankles, displays, bushes. What happens if we "help" her push it? She says" No momma push, Hadey push!" while pushing your hand away, and running into a tree at the same time. Poor brother. I am afraid one day the stroller will end up on its side. Good thing for seatbelts right? Have you ever held a child that does a 360 in your arms? and says "Let me down momma" then starts screaming and kicking your legs and stomach? Its fun, I tell ya. Independence. She wants alot of it. It would be ok, if she understood to stand by our sides, or hold on to the cart/stroller. Or if she stopped before entering the street or parking lot, waiting for a hand. Is this something she will ever learn? I hope so. Soon.

Speaking of switches. I wish there was a calm mode button, that you could press when in public. Oh, to have a calm child sit in a cart and just be still. She can be Princess Energyoplenty at home, in public I wish she would be Princess of Calm-a-lot. Kyle and I discussed this yesterday. I guess we just need to be thankful and remind ourselves that its good she is determined, strong willed, and stubborn. Thats what helped her be where she is today. So maybe I need to find a book, that helps me focus those qualities, direct them into something positive. Anyone know of a good one?

This last week we have also had an explosion of vocabulary. Its still difficult to understand some words, but she is stringing 4-5 together. She is making sentences. Some include:
I want some more momma.
Let me out, please momma.
I want some more deda(cereal) please.
Help, let me out.

There are a few others but I am spacing. Blame the mommy brain. :) We got Shrek 2 today. I love Shrek. I am gonna go watch it, while both child have pressed the off button (napping). :)

Thursday, November 04, 2004

We saw Doctor Crazy

Today we went to the Doctor. Which was another reminder why we need to find a new one. Haley had dry cracked feet, so I wanted to see what it was. He wasn't sure..but said to use Lotramin if it was fungal. Thought it could be athletes foot. Gross. I guess thats a note to self, to not let said child play in mud puddles at flag football. I guess wet soaking squishy warm feet have a tendancy to cause fungus. Even at age two. Then I had Easton's rash looked at. I swear this Dr likes to say things that don't make sense. So get this, he looked and said it looks as though the rash was clearing, that it could have been scabies. Ok Seriously! Does he know what those are? those a bugs in your skin, I don't believe they just go away. I asked where he could have gotten those, and he said from someone else who has them. Ok, again..seriously! Wouldn't someone else in the family have them, if he had them, thats all Easton is around. But he goes on to say, that since he had a cold last week, it was probably viral, and rashes so often come with a virus. Ok, that makes more sense. Especially since I have done my internet medical research, and the pictures of scabies DO NOT look like what he has. It also says they go away with lotions. So he tells me, that if they don't go away in a few days, to call back. So now, if you thought they "could" be scabies..wouldn't you want to treat it or test it, instead of letting days go by to then infect the whole family? Seriously. OK, so again, I think this guy is insane. Now, if he thought scabies, then quickly decided it wasn't. don't speak. Because then he goes on to say, (after I mentioned fifths disease) that..hummm, ya it could even be that. But there is nothing you can do for that..just run its course. So basically, I walked away not really knowing, but assuming it was viral and went along with the symptoms they had last week.

So, I get my kids checked out, which makes me feel really gross that they have a rash and fungus and I am telling you all this. haha We really aren't dirty people. We are quite clean actually. ( Whenever I think of scabies, I think "ewe gross". ) So it really bothered me that he would suggest that. Especially since I don't think it is, and if it was, he would test it or prescribe something. yuck. What a dufus.

Haley weighed 25lbs and was 33 in
Easton weighed 17.9 lbs and they didn't do his height.

BUT, I think that Easton's weight is wrong, since the nurse doesn't know how to read the scale and she drives me crazy. I think he weighs a bit more.

Only thing good from this appt was that they BOTH got the flu shot. Easton qualifies for age, but I was worried Haley wouldn't . But she did, since she was diagnosed with chronic lung disease and BPD, she qualifies. Even if she hasn't had one issue with her lungs since we walked out of the nicu with her. Now that is a miracle in itself. She is so very very lucky. Sometimes being a preemie has its advantages to get what you want. So I am thankful for a smaller practice Doctor, who agreed to let her have the shot. So now, hopefully we can keep them both healthier this winter. And change doctors :)

*Side note* Why did my pediatrician have to retire? The first Dr we saw, (since my PED wouldn't see Haley when she was first home since she was on oxygen) said the day she came off oxygen and was finally 40 weeks gestation(almost 4mo old). That we could treat her like a normal full term baby. I said not exactly and we changed Drs. So then I saw my childhood PED for 3 months until he retired. We then went to his backup. His name was Dr "Freak". We saw him the longest. I pumped milk for Haley. He knew that. She did not nurse. After each round of shots, he turned off the light and said I could nurse her, because it would help with pain. This was 10 min after telling him that we fed her pumped milk. he also told me that we might want to use protection when having sex, then after her 12 mo appt, that it was ok to try again for another baby if we wanted. Later he also told me that it might be a good idea to start working out! I told him I was 12 weeks pregnant, and he asked if I was sure. ya. pretty sure. So we went to the current Dr. who took over my childhood peds office, my whole family and family friends started going to him, and he seemed alright. Then the whole ecoli thing happened, and he failed to run tests..and it seems each appt after that..he has gotten worse. Besides, we are the only ones in the office today it seemed and it still took 1 hr start to finish, with a whole 5 min with him.

I am calling to have a consultation with a Dr that I had wanted after the first Dr, but they wouldn't let me switch within the office. (which still doesn't make sense. ) I hope she isn't a nut. I have heard great things about her, where as the others, I have never heard positive comments.

Did you know my son has ears like a bat?

He can hear so well. (Do bats have good hearing? I have heard they do..hehe) Well its good and bad. Bad, because at night when I check on him, he usually hears me...how? I have no idea. I am so quiet. Well, last night, I went in, noticed his bottle was empty, and filled it up with breast milk. (new game plan with sleeping at night, and it works like a charm, we have slept through the night the last few days, we are talking not waking up until 8:30 sleeping through the night..since he can hold his own bottle, I leave a breastmilk bottle in bed with him..and he wakes up, finds it, and drinks it. :) hehe so maybe that isn't right, but he seems to enjoy it and so do we :) hehe) So anyway, I hear him stir, and I dropped to the floor. I then crawl to the dresser and reach up to grab the pumpers. I bring them down, I open one quietly, and dump..it was too loud, because I heard him roll over..knowing he is looking around to see me..I stop. He lays back down and silence. So I open the other one, and tilt it this time so it doesn't make noise. I put the nipple back on..and crawl back to the crib. I peek under his bumper, and see his precious face, his eyes are closed. I jump up, put the bottle next to the side of the crib, and dash out..quietly closing the door. Phew! never knew I would learn army manuevers when I became a mommy. I have gotten pretty good. :) The silly things we end up doing..I am sure if anyone saw me crawling around his room I am sure they would laugh their heads off. :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election time, Bunko & Rashes.

I am so happy this day has come. I am tired of all the media. Now the only question still remains..who will be President. *sigh* why can't things ever be easy.

Tonight I had Bunko at my house..again I know. This is the last time until next year sometime. Yay! Its nice to have everyone over, especially because not all of them have been to my new house :) But its so much work to have people over, to clean, to cook. I didn't win. I came close. I have been a big loser at the game in both groups for quite sometime now. Maybe thats what you get for being on a winning streak for along time. Although, I am wanting the winning streak back. Its hard having your husband tell you that you suck at it. I mean come on..is there really skill in rolling dice? Its rolling dice for goodness sakes. You just roll. Sometimes you can get rolling and get multiple numbers you need..but still. Its all luck. To get 3 of the same to get a bunko..luck people. Now there are techniques...but seriously no skill.

I am debating going to Bible study in the AM. Two reasons. 1. Easton now has a weird rash. He has like 6 spots on his tummy and 5 on his right buttocks..he also had reddish cheeks this last weekend, that came and went. Using my internet medical degree, I have decided it looks like it could be Fifth Disease..since it is going around at church, and some people don't leave their sick kids at home. Its not anything to worry about..and once there is a rash, usually they aren't contagious. But there is that word...usually. When do you know if they are? I have never seen a neon light on my children that blinks saying 'CLEAR'. Or 'OK'. So now what? 2nd reason, ok, so I guess there is just one. Do I take him or not. Bible study is important, but not important enough to possibly get others sick. But if its fifths, he may not be contagious and it would be fine. But, since I have never seen what this rash looks like..it may not be. So then I could be infecting kids with some rash I don't know what it is. Although, probably got it from them in the first place. I didn't go to bible study last week either, since they both had snotty noses. So now that is two weeks in a row.We also missed church. So after re-reading this. If this was someone else debating bringing their child..I would hope they would stay home..so looks like I should take my own advice. This sucks. I will survey the rashy boy in the morning to see if its still there.

Oh, on the development milestones. Easton is now pulling up onto things as best as he can. Today he pulled up to his knees holding on to the book shelf and pulled several toys off. He is getting so big..he will be crusing soon.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Twick or Tweet and Happy Birthday.

Oh last night was so fun. So adorable and so memorable. Nothing says it better then just so precious! Haley went trick or treating with her friend Rachel. They are both 2. We were going to go with Haleys cousins too, but we didn't end up meeting back up. So the girls went door to door, knocking alot..and then saying twick or tweet over and over until the door opened. Then they would say it again when it opened, put up their bags, got candy and said "tank you".Then said bye bye as they walked away. The got so many ooohs and ahhhs. They were adorable. They even held hands at one point. So cute! They were in awe of getting candy. Haley ate so much candy before we even left. I am surprised she didn't get sick. Easton just hung out in the stroller and fell asleep so when we passed my parents house, I dropped him off inside.

Last night was also my dad's birthday :) Its so fun being on Halloween. Gives us something really fun to do in the afternoon before going out. Its always been this way, and I don't know what I would do if we ever changed it up. Its just one of those things that go together. Dads party and trick or treating. Kinda like peanutbutter and jelly. :) picture time...

Our awesome punkins :)

The trick or treaters

Easton our lil' punkin

Haley our punkin princess

Haley and Rachel walking down the sidewalk

Halloween was so fun this year. Haley had a blast! I can't wait to watch her and Easton next year!

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