Sunday, November 07, 2004

Is there an off switch?

or at least half energy button? I don't know where she gets it. The princess has now decided to refuse all forms of transportation regarding, being held, carts, or strollers. She wants independence. She wants to run, jump, lay down on the big yellow circle at Best Buy. She wants to push the cart, or stroller. Holding hands? forget it. You put her in the cart, she now climbs out, while its moving because that doesn't stop her. Nothing stops her or slows her down. Pushing the stroller would be ok, if she had a license to push one, she is all over the place. Hitting ankles, displays, bushes. What happens if we "help" her push it? She says" No momma push, Hadey push!" while pushing your hand away, and running into a tree at the same time. Poor brother. I am afraid one day the stroller will end up on its side. Good thing for seatbelts right? Have you ever held a child that does a 360 in your arms? and says "Let me down momma" then starts screaming and kicking your legs and stomach? Its fun, I tell ya. Independence. She wants alot of it. It would be ok, if she understood to stand by our sides, or hold on to the cart/stroller. Or if she stopped before entering the street or parking lot, waiting for a hand. Is this something she will ever learn? I hope so. Soon.

Speaking of switches. I wish there was a calm mode button, that you could press when in public. Oh, to have a calm child sit in a cart and just be still. She can be Princess Energyoplenty at home, in public I wish she would be Princess of Calm-a-lot. Kyle and I discussed this yesterday. I guess we just need to be thankful and remind ourselves that its good she is determined, strong willed, and stubborn. Thats what helped her be where she is today. So maybe I need to find a book, that helps me focus those qualities, direct them into something positive. Anyone know of a good one?

This last week we have also had an explosion of vocabulary. Its still difficult to understand some words, but she is stringing 4-5 together. She is making sentences. Some include:
I want some more momma.
Let me out, please momma.
I want some more deda(cereal) please.
Help, let me out.

There are a few others but I am spacing. Blame the mommy brain. :) We got Shrek 2 today. I love Shrek. I am gonna go watch it, while both child have pressed the off button (napping). :)


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