Thursday, November 18, 2004

What to say.

I am kinda at a loss right now to write about something..and I know that later, I will go..."OH! I should have blogged about that" but right now, my brain is blank. So I will just tell you whats going on. I am getting my hair colored today. I am so excited, it hasn't been colored since summer. So it comes at a good time, since tomorrow is christmas pictures. Hopefully it doesn't turn out blue or something..eek! I also have to finalize the craft for tomorrow's mom2mom. I don't think I realized I would be doing this much work, but I am so excited because this an awesome craft. I feel bad that we won't have time to finish it there, but at least they learn how and can finish at home, or we can all get together with those who want to finish it. This is the craft, Quilted Ball Ornament . If you get the hang of it, they are beautiful presents :) So tonight I need to count out 240 little tiny pins for each person...about 30 sets..YIKES!


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