Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Evaluation update

Well today. went. Smoothly. ha! It actually wasn't too bad. Kyle went with me, thankfully. :) We got there on time after leaving almost 20 minutes late thanks to not getting out the door on time and noticing the tire was flat. Did I mention the appt was 45 miles north? HA!
So she spent 3hrs with 3 doctors, who told us she was FINE! Amazing. She said that now is the time we don't really need to correct her age much anymore. We can keep it in mind, but there really isn't a need. She is 25lbs, which on her adjusted chart, she is like 25 percentile, and on her corrected chart she was at 5%. Height, she was at 36 in which was 90% for adjusted and hum...I can't remember what it was for adjusted. Too many numbers..you didn't think I could remember it all did you? haha. Everything checked out well from the doctors perspective. She said the weird little tan mark on the inside of Haley's hand was probably some sort of owie from tape or something that pinched it when she was itty bitty in the nicu...said it wasn't anything to wory about. She told me to kick the bottle habit, and if she doesn't drink enough milk during the day, to try using instant breakfast to flavor it, or even herseys syrup, she said there are worse things to do ..so adding that wasn't horrible. But if I can't get her to drink it, then she needs to eat her calcium/protein. So cheese, yogurt, beans. So we are starting to wean off the bottle. This will be interesting....hopefully it doesn't take long and is painless. :)
After having a meltdown during the speech eval, and not doing anything she asked of her, and us having to answer questions for her, the speech therapist said she was at a 24-30mo level. (she is 30 mo) Said there wasn't anything to worry about there but would like to see her back in one year to make sure she was progressing. She gave us some tips and tricks to help her speech continue coming along. She graduated from occupational therapy. Said all was fine there :)

So the overall evaluation from all 3:
Your daughter seems to be doing very well for a former 25 weeker. Its amazing. She seems to be VERY independent, VERY determined, VERY stubborn, and VERY strongwilled. She needs lots of structure, and she may not listen to you at home with that structure, so its a good idea to get her in preschool next year. She needs to model other children. You need to get some resources on how to handle a child like this, such as Love and Logic, or 123 Magic. We will see her next fall just to make sure she is still on track. She looks great!

So could they have told me something I didn't already know??? I guess she showed her true colors today. It was reassuring that they said she was a typical toddler :) And after my husband shared that I was the same as a toddler, they said the apple doesn't fall far from the tree..and jokingly said it was paybacks. :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on Haley's eval. That must feel great!

Mrs. Flinger said...

Great job, Haley! Way to be so totally normal and strong-willed. That's what toddler-hood is all about. :-)

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