Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Well its that time again.

I have been neglecting my daily exercise. I did so well 6 months ago. I worked out in my living room while Haley napped and my little Easton sleep quietly in the rocker next to me. I did it for about 2 months. I lost quite a bit of my baby chub, and was starting to get toned up. I was measuring my thighs, tummy and arms. I was losing inches. I repeat inches. Well, then life happened and I slowly stopped doing it. To where now, I feel depressed and with the holidays, I am dreading all the foods I love to eat. Last year this time I was pregnant and so I had every excuse to eat as much as I wanted. This year no excuses. So I figured it I work out while I coast through the holidays..then it will even out right?

So Debbie Siebers here I come. (again) Today was Day ONE of my Slim in 6. I had already mastered Ramp it up, but figured I should start back at Start it up. (I know I will be sore tomorrow! This is an awesome work out video!) But I want to see Debbie do this while holding a 18lb baby in her arms, because today, the baby doesn't want put down. So there I was holding him while doing lunges, (just like if I had weights right?) and then I had the dog in my face while doing push ups. Bonus to that? he crawled under me, so I couldn't cheat and go down to my tummy between each one. hehe Don't these exercise people realize we are real..and don't have a nice studio to do this in with out kids? I think I will tape myself and then mass produce them to sell, It would go like this:

Picture the "studio", its a living room, kick a few toys out of the way...Your instructor (me) is wearing pjs, because who has time to shower and get dressed? I look like a normal mom of 2..thats a bonus right there..none of that, 'I have 4 kids and look like a super model in my short tight sports bra and stretch pants'.

Ok and now its time to start..so lunge forward..one, and two...go pick up the screaming baby, and 3 and 4. Put the screaming baby down, and 5 and let the dog out, 6, get the phone, 7 and 8. Now kick your leg forward and one, and give the baby some gerber puffs, and 2, let the dog in and 3 and 4, pick up the baby hold the baby and 5 and 6 and 7 and 8..now collapse on the floor and drink some water. :) Repeat doing multiple other squats, twists and situps.

I bet it would sell :)


Mrs. Flinger said...

I'd buy your video.

Heck, I could CoStar in it! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am right there with Leslie, I would buy your second copy! Too funny!

buhtafly said...

OK then girls since you are both in town, we can do this..you both will be the ones that stand behind me, like in her video..haha and then we can make millions!

Anonymous said...

My sister and I got a kick out of your proposed exercise video and think it would reap great profits! We would also enjoy being in the background.

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