Tuesday, November 09, 2004

How do I Discipline?

That very question was asked on a board that I have been a member of since I first found out I was pregnant On Christmas Day of 2001.(ok so maybe a few weeks later) But we have all been together for almost 3 years no less and the 40 or so of us that broke off to form our own group a few years ago have a very wonderful relationship. We are all dealing with 2 year olds. The question of discipline came up since we are starting to deal with terrible twos in one form or another. This is how I answered it, and you can tell what kind of day I had today. I will add, The Princess has learned the art of climbing the past couple weeks and gets out of her crib. We have managed to keep her in it still until today. But this day was soon to come, and today it was. She now has a mattress on the floor.
My answer to discipline:

Discipline??? whats that? I have decided to throw out disciplining and let Haley do whatever the hell she wants. Why? because Kyle was checking out my new hair cut..and then goes..is that grey? I think you have some grey hair.

So thats why! No more. I am getting grey hair.(I havent looked yet) but I guess its better then pulling all of my hair out. but I have decided to forget the discipline. she will grow out of it right? I now lay down with her on the ground and laugh my evil laugh. I tell her she can do it all she wants..that I was the master of evilness at age 2, 3 and 4. That she won't do anything that I haven't already done and that she can have at it. I tell her that Mommy was the Queen of tantrums, fits and screaming. She is only my little Princess and has much to learn still. Kyle referred to her the other day as my evil spawn (my parents were telling him that Haley does just as I did) and he corrected himself..he said..forget the evil..she is your DIRECT SPAWN!

So you see. I give up. I turned out ok, and so if I just teach her what to do right instead of fight it, we will be happier and I won't have grey hairs. So at a resturant, I need to show her how to rub ketchup handprints all over the nice old ladies that wave to her in the next booth, and I need to show her the proper techinque to throwing yourself on the floor at the grocery store to ensure the trip to go sit in the car. I need to show her how to throw toys galore at me or her father while we sit on a stool drinking a pepsi in her doorway. I should probably start teaching her how to bite as well, and how to do it right, so you leave a scar. (yes these are all things I mastered)

So from here on out, I refuse all forms of discipline! It really is overrated. We are also on a first name basis now. She calls me Bree, I call her Haley..we now have a mutual level of respect. We treat each other as equals..thats how it should be right?

Oy! ;)


jenniferbf said...

Bree, you are so funny!! I literally laughed out loud when I read that on the board. It was so unexpected!!!
Hugs! Jennifer

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