Monday, November 15, 2004

You wouldn't believe it!

Today..a monday of all days...Haley took a nap. She put herself to bed and layed down. Of course came out 5 min later. She wanted to watch a movie. So I said ok, get in the chair. She did, with towel, mimi and puppy. I put in her new favorite movie. She calls it "puppy". I was hoping she would fall asleep while watching it because I am not really enthused that this is what she is wanting to watch. I was so amazed...she fell asleep!

I was so happy because I really don't think a 2 year old should be watching Space Balls! She thinks Barf is a puppy! She doesn't understand what a mog is yet. ;) haha I am sure it was so boring thats why she asleep!

But she napped!! YAY! Tomorrow: Chair and Space Balls it is.


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