Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The little boy in the house.

I have seemed to be preoccupied blogging about my little miss terror, er I mean princess. :) But there is a prince in the house, and he is just that. My little prince. He is makin leaps and bounds, and going through a fussy stage at the moment, according to Erins blog he is right on schedule at 34 weeks(corrected age) to be fussy. Depending on what age you go by, which he hasn't "caught" up to his actual age, so I consider him in between. Which according to the book Wonder Weeks, he is in a grey area of fussyness until week 37.5. SO heres hoping he is ahead and we are almost in the calm stage :)

He is learning something new everyday. Today was crawling then, going into sitting. Crawl, sit, crawl. He is one fast crawler too. Kyle said they should have baby olympics, because he thinks Easton would win. New last week? Standing. He stands in his crib, he stands at the toy basket. Stands at the couch. Its so fun to watch him discover these new things. Practice makes perfect. And boy does he practice.

Here are a few pictures in an album for easy viewing :)


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