Sunday, November 07, 2004

A story about a puppy.

This is no ordinary puppy, this is Haleys puppy. No, we aren't talking about Bear, her stange looking, lick your face, steal your food-puppy. We are talking about a tan little pup who is stuffed with white fluff. This puppy was picked out at Target. She got so excited when she saw him, you would think they were separated long long ago. They have been inseparatable since. He goes everywhere with us. Puppy has been on many adventures, until a week ago, he was lost. We couldn't find him anywhere! I blamed daddy, because he took the kids from me the night I got my hair cut, and he was never to be seen again. We thought he dropped him in the parking lot at work. He asked around at work, we looked around the house. Haley was so sad, and no other puppy or stuffed animal would do. Not even the one she was attached to before this new one. He was ok. He was acceptable to sleep with, but that was it. So then Haley and Easton went with Nana Coo Coo and Ahpa Coo Coo last Wednesday. Nana CooCoo was going to see if Target had the same puppy, which was so thoughtful. They had a few that were similar and they just weren't "puppy" so Haley threw them aside and chose a kitty instead. Nana CooCoo aplogized. A few days later, we had to go to Target, and decided to look again, maybe they got more in. This time, Haley loved two of the puppies that she tossed aside the last time, and we tried to get her to pick one, and then we would get another identical to that one, so we wouldn't have this situation again..and that wouldn't do. She had to have both. Since she was so heartbroken about tan puppy, we agreed and she got both. Staying with me? So far, we are at 1 kitty, 2 puppies, to replace 1 puppy. Then we saw NanaCooCoo again and she surprised Haley with another puppy, this one was different, but tan no less. Haley hugged him, but wasn't real attached. So now, the count is 1 kitty- 3 puppies. We also had to take 2 puppies with us everywhere we went, its hard enought keeping track of one..let alone two now...

Today something very special happened. After a week of being missing, we found tan puppy. Yes, he was rescued. I put Bear(alive, hairy type dog) in his crate, and noticed tan puppy was hiding out in there, along with a dishtowel. Guess who had been playing in the crate with them a the day after I thought he was missing. Yup Haley. She was playing 'doggy in the crate' and put them in there, we remember seeing her. But we never thought to look in there. Bear also discovered tan puppy and had been sleeping with him all week, and chewed off his nose. So I took tan puppy without a nose and threw in in the washer. Then puppy had surgery while Haley napped. I sewed his nose up and created a new threaded nose and mouth since he looked funny with out. We surprised Haley when she got up...You should have seen the smile on her face! There he was! It was him!! she was confused by his nose, and I explained he had an owie and mommy had to fix it. She was ok with that, and grabbed her other new puppy and put both in the stroller and took them for a ride. It was as if he was never gone.
Here is tan puppy with a new nose :)

This is the group of animals that we tried to ease the heartbreak with..she now has 1 kitty and 4 puppies. not to mention the rest of the zoo in her room :)

She just loves tan puppy. Now if anyone is at a Target and you happen to see tan puppy(who was in this weeks ad...he was stuffed inside a backseat hanging activity center thingy), let me know and I will pay you for him and shipping..I think we need a spare. hehe Good thing is, he and the kitty and the 2 other similar pups are only 2.99.. Thats a great price :) for how many we bought..haha
We are so happy tan puppy is back! Now hopefully we can just take one puppy with us again :)


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