Monday, November 22, 2004

1 am...whats the deal?

Easton is not happy. He isn't extremely unhappy, not angry. He is just complaining. When I go in to his room, turn on the mobile, rub his back, he stops...I leave, lay back down in bed, and he whines again. I go in, turn on the mobile, rub his back and he stops...see the pattern? The usuals aren't working, doesn't want to eat, doesn't really want held, doesn't want anything but his backed rubbed..well my arm will fall off if I stand there any longer rubbing his back. It takes it 2 min for it to fall asleep. I am afraid it will just fall off if I stand there with my arm over the rail for longer then 5. Gotta go back in....I will be back.

Its not the diaper, its not the mobile, because he is fussing with and without it playing. He has his towel, his blanket, a bottle...those aren't helping. But what did I forget, it had to be something you ask. Yes, my friends, I forgot something. Teething Tablets. I just gave him some, and he is quiet..he has calmed down. I tell ya, they are the wonder drug. Minutes have gone by, and I sit here blogging about the fact that he has calmed down and sounds as if he has gone to sleep finally after about 30 min of what am I doing still up? Exactly..I am gonna take advantage of this silence... Night :)

PS. Dear Tooth Fairy,
Easton, my little prince, has two teeth coming up on the bottom. He seems to be in some pain and they are taking awhile to come in. So I don't know if its in your job description to help teeth pop up..but If it is, please help them :) If not, could you forward this memo to Mr. Sandman?
Thank you so kindly :)


Erin said...

How many do you give him at a time and how often? THe recommended dose of 2-3 at a time doesn't seem to do much for Ben.... just wondering if you give more than that.


Mrs. Belle said...

Where do you buy the teething tablets!?

Mrs. Flinger said...

I love the letter to the Tooth Fairy.
I'm really learning so much about this teething thing from y'all. I'm trying to store it in my mommy-brain for later. :-)

buhtafly said...

I wrote back to you both individually. So I decided in case anyone else wants to know, I give him 4 tablets when needed, and I get them at Walmart on the shelf along with the other vitamins. :)

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