Thursday, November 04, 2004

We saw Doctor Crazy

Today we went to the Doctor. Which was another reminder why we need to find a new one. Haley had dry cracked feet, so I wanted to see what it was. He wasn't sure..but said to use Lotramin if it was fungal. Thought it could be athletes foot. Gross. I guess thats a note to self, to not let said child play in mud puddles at flag football. I guess wet soaking squishy warm feet have a tendancy to cause fungus. Even at age two. Then I had Easton's rash looked at. I swear this Dr likes to say things that don't make sense. So get this, he looked and said it looks as though the rash was clearing, that it could have been scabies. Ok Seriously! Does he know what those are? those a bugs in your skin, I don't believe they just go away. I asked where he could have gotten those, and he said from someone else who has them. Ok, again..seriously! Wouldn't someone else in the family have them, if he had them, thats all Easton is around. But he goes on to say, that since he had a cold last week, it was probably viral, and rashes so often come with a virus. Ok, that makes more sense. Especially since I have done my internet medical research, and the pictures of scabies DO NOT look like what he has. It also says they go away with lotions. So he tells me, that if they don't go away in a few days, to call back. So now, if you thought they "could" be scabies..wouldn't you want to treat it or test it, instead of letting days go by to then infect the whole family? Seriously. OK, so again, I think this guy is insane. Now, if he thought scabies, then quickly decided it wasn't. don't speak. Because then he goes on to say, (after I mentioned fifths disease) that..hummm, ya it could even be that. But there is nothing you can do for that..just run its course. So basically, I walked away not really knowing, but assuming it was viral and went along with the symptoms they had last week.

So, I get my kids checked out, which makes me feel really gross that they have a rash and fungus and I am telling you all this. haha We really aren't dirty people. We are quite clean actually. ( Whenever I think of scabies, I think "ewe gross". ) So it really bothered me that he would suggest that. Especially since I don't think it is, and if it was, he would test it or prescribe something. yuck. What a dufus.

Haley weighed 25lbs and was 33 in
Easton weighed 17.9 lbs and they didn't do his height.

BUT, I think that Easton's weight is wrong, since the nurse doesn't know how to read the scale and she drives me crazy. I think he weighs a bit more.

Only thing good from this appt was that they BOTH got the flu shot. Easton qualifies for age, but I was worried Haley wouldn't . But she did, since she was diagnosed with chronic lung disease and BPD, she qualifies. Even if she hasn't had one issue with her lungs since we walked out of the nicu with her. Now that is a miracle in itself. She is so very very lucky. Sometimes being a preemie has its advantages to get what you want. So I am thankful for a smaller practice Doctor, who agreed to let her have the shot. So now, hopefully we can keep them both healthier this winter. And change doctors :)

*Side note* Why did my pediatrician have to retire? The first Dr we saw, (since my PED wouldn't see Haley when she was first home since she was on oxygen) said the day she came off oxygen and was finally 40 weeks gestation(almost 4mo old). That we could treat her like a normal full term baby. I said not exactly and we changed Drs. So then I saw my childhood PED for 3 months until he retired. We then went to his backup. His name was Dr "Freak". We saw him the longest. I pumped milk for Haley. He knew that. She did not nurse. After each round of shots, he turned off the light and said I could nurse her, because it would help with pain. This was 10 min after telling him that we fed her pumped milk. he also told me that we might want to use protection when having sex, then after her 12 mo appt, that it was ok to try again for another baby if we wanted. Later he also told me that it might be a good idea to start working out! I told him I was 12 weeks pregnant, and he asked if I was sure. ya. pretty sure. So we went to the current Dr. who took over my childhood peds office, my whole family and family friends started going to him, and he seemed alright. Then the whole ecoli thing happened, and he failed to run tests..and it seems each appt after that..he has gotten worse. Besides, we are the only ones in the office today it seemed and it still took 1 hr start to finish, with a whole 5 min with him.

I am calling to have a consultation with a Dr that I had wanted after the first Dr, but they wouldn't let me switch within the office. (which still doesn't make sense. ) I hope she isn't a nut. I have heard great things about her, where as the others, I have never heard positive comments.


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