Monday, November 15, 2004

Sleep with one eye open..

This is what was found on our carpet, about 10 min ago. It is now dead as dead can be. But you see, this is not just your garden variety spider. This is what one would call a Hobo. This is a female Hobo. I immediately took several pictures while it sat motionless, because it knew it was being stalked. Of course my digital 5x zoom did its job, there was NO WAY I was getting closer then I had to. I called my dad while telling Kyle to cup it in a baby food jar for Identification... now that was funny, as he was refusing because the jar was too little and he would have to get close..hehe All of a sudden without warning the spider made a break for it, and we freaked, while Kyle was searching for something to kill it with and I was threatening that he better not let that sucker hide! My dad agreed that it was indeed a Hobo after viewing the pictures I sent him...

Hobo. That is scary. I don't like spiders to begin with, let alone ones that SIZE! and ones that are poisonous and their bites will leave big open holes in your skin...I have children who are on the floor and playing! I think there was another in the garage a week ago that I had Kyle kill. I joked it was a Hobo, I now don't think it was a very funny joke. It probably was. We are bombing this weekend..which does have its downside, since it will kill the ones who kill the Hobos, but you know..lets start out with no spiders first, then the good ones can come and kill the new hobos. All I know is that the Hobo's better not mess with this momma's babies!!


Anonymous said...

That is creepy looking!

Mrs. Flinger said...

Eww Eww EEEWWWWW... I've SEEN those at our house, too! I just freaked 'cause I thought it was a big, yucky spider. Now I'll totally have to bomb our house, too.

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