Thursday, November 04, 2004

Did you know my son has ears like a bat?

He can hear so well. (Do bats have good hearing? I have heard they do..hehe) Well its good and bad. Bad, because at night when I check on him, he usually hears I have no idea. I am so quiet. Well, last night, I went in, noticed his bottle was empty, and filled it up with breast milk. (new game plan with sleeping at night, and it works like a charm, we have slept through the night the last few days, we are talking not waking up until 8:30 sleeping through the night..since he can hold his own bottle, I leave a breastmilk bottle in bed with him..and he wakes up, finds it, and drinks it. :) hehe so maybe that isn't right, but he seems to enjoy it and so do we :) hehe) So anyway, I hear him stir, and I dropped to the floor. I then crawl to the dresser and reach up to grab the pumpers. I bring them down, I open one quietly, and was too loud, because I heard him roll over..knowing he is looking around to see me..I stop. He lays back down and silence. So I open the other one, and tilt it this time so it doesn't make noise. I put the nipple back on..and crawl back to the crib. I peek under his bumper, and see his precious face, his eyes are closed. I jump up, put the bottle next to the side of the crib, and dash out..quietly closing the door. Phew! never knew I would learn army manuevers when I became a mommy. I have gotten pretty good. :) The silly things we end up doing..I am sure if anyone saw me crawling around his room I am sure they would laugh their heads off. :)


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