Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Sleep Journal 11/10

Today is day two of no crib. Well we took the front off of it and its now a toddler bed. Which she likes.

Last night, Haley went to bed well, Daddy put her down at 7:30. She got up once and he told her to lay back down. She went to sleep. She woke at 3:45 and came out crying asking to watch Monsters Inc. Kyle told her no, and put her back in bed. Then she came out at 5:30 and I put her back to bed. Which her screaming woke up her brother. nice. But she didn't wake until I woke her at 9 to go to bible study. So, I guess that was do able. I can handle that.

Todays nap? it was non exsistant again. It almost worked, but she pooped shortly after being in bed, so then I had to change her diaper, which interrupted the whole idea of a nap. So then I tried a few things to help her go to sleep and they failed. I played music and rubbed her back. She was almost asleep until the classical station threw some loud percussion into the song. Can I sue for something like that? ..I thought it was soft music..when I listened and heard nothing but relaxing music I left it on that station, then all of a sudden in the middle of it they put in loud craziness. It perked her attention..thats for sure. Shouldn't that be illegal?So then they talked for what seemed like forever and it lost her interest and her stuffed animal begain to fly around her head. Finally she came out and I told her she had to be quiet and lay on the couch. She watched Shrek 2. Almost the whole thing. She tried to get up, but I was stern and she stayed on the couch for most of it. I was satisfied. She took it easy, which is what I wanted. She needs some down time, for being such a busy body.

On our way to Awana, at 6:20, she fell asleep. She had hit her max. She was cranky, tired, and started coughing. (We went to church Sunday, and you see, 48-72 hrs is about the correct incubation period of a cold. Therefore showing up today. Nice. I wish people stopped taking their sick kids. Its a rule, come on!) So I kept her with me as I chased my Cubbies. And she tried to play games with the kids.

Bedtime. 8:30 pm. She went in willingly. Daddy tucked her in. She stayed. She fell asleep. She is still sleeping. I put her clothes back into her drawers, un folded of course. So we will see if they remain in the morning. I hope they stay. I like dressers. They serve purpose, trying to find clothes on the floor is hard...why was it so easy as a teenager?

Now its time for me to go to bed. Its hard having a toddler moving into a big girl bed, and an infant still not sleeping consistantly through the night. Maybe I should have tried this before he came? Nah....she wasn't ready. Note to those of you with infants/toddlers. Cribs are good. Keep them in as long as possible. :)


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