Sunday, November 14, 2004

It's a Fluke

Today, after a week of no nap, Haley took a nap! We went to church and as soon as Kyle put her in the car (at noon, he was waiting for me, I had to go look at decor for mom2mom real quick) she fell asleep by the time I came out! So we got home and put her in her bed. She slept for 3 hrs! We couldn't believe it. She took a nap! Hallelujah! I think its a fluke thing though, so we will see what happens tomorrow.

Also, tonight Haley asked for tuna fish. I didn't think that was what she was pointing at, so I lifted her up to show me. Sure enough it was the can of tuna she wanted. She doesn't like tuna, she won't eat it. So I decided that maybe she changed her mind about it. She ate it! I put mayo in it..and she ate it with a fork. Not alot..just a few bites and liked it. It was pretty funny. Again, another fluke. I doubt she will ever try that again.

She also sat quietly in our laps today. She doesn't sit still, she doesn't cuddle. This evening she has cuddled the whole time. In my lap, in her daddys lap. Its so wonderful. These are the moments that make all the tantrums worth it this week. (well sorta, pretty darn close though..hehe)

I also won a bid on Ebay tonight. 2 super cute holiday OshKosh dresses that were barely worn. It comes with a cute onsie underneath. I got it all for 8 bucks! amazing. What a fluke.

Ok one more fluke. She ate dinner. That has been a struggle as well. She eats like a bird but somethings and every once in awhile, she chows down. Tonight was that night. She loved my pineapple chicken over rice. But of course wanted to eat it out of daddys bowl, and I am sure she won't like it next time I make it. haha

Ohhh so today was a day of flukes..strokes of luck. :) Here's hoping that they were more then just luck!


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