Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Haley and Ashlyn's Birth Story (part one)

I was asked to blog the story...I sometimes forget that not everyone knows. So here is the very beggining. I will post more later today..

When Kyle and I were 22 years old. We decided we wanted to start a family at the beginning of 2002. We thought that it could take awhile to get pregnant so we tried early part of December, when we were planned on waiting for January, but figured, who gets pregnant that quick? Well I did. I started feeling like something was different in the middle of the month. I was suppose to “start” the day after Christmas. I thought it would be fun to take a test Christmas morning to find out and give it to Kyle as a present. (I had a feeling I was pregnant) So I woke up at 6 am, (I never can sleep when it’s Christmas! hehe) I went into the bathroom and started looking for the test, I couldn't find it anywhere! I looked for 30 minutes! I tore the bathroom apart! I was so upset, by then I had to go potty, so I went. Then went back to bed. I laid down and Kyle said, "what have you been doing in there?” and I said “nothing, going potty,” and he said what was all the noise? I said "I don’t know", and then he said, "were you looking for your test???" I said "yes!!" And he told me how he decided to put it in my stocking so we could open it and go take the test together that morning, I was so upset! I wanted to take it and surprise him , I started bawling!!! (Sure sign of pregnancy huh?) So we got up and opened presents and he said lets go take the test, and I said I can’t I already peed. (I read that for best results you have to take it with the first pee of the So I started crying again. I drank some water, and called my sister, and explained what happened, (she already knew my plan) She told me to just take the test and then get over to our parents house. So I did, and sure enough it was positive! We were so happy! And it made for such a special holiday, as we told our families. A week or two later, I got morning sickness, I was really nauseated, and only a few things “looked good enough” to eat. I lost 10 pounds instantly, which I didn’t understand, because the things that looked good, I ate all the time. When I went into my first appt I was 8 weeks, my doctor said that I was carrying really high or that I had twins.( I have fraternal twins in my family) So she scheduled an ultrasound. I found out 2 weeks later that I was in fact having twins! We were so excited! I always wanted twins since I was a little girl and now I got the chance! I was so happy beyond belief! The first part of my pregnancy went really well, I was sick here and there, but I loved every minute of it, I was so happy being pregnant.
Here I am at 11 weeks..

18 weeks

21 weeks

The first picture of our twins...

To be continued...


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