Thursday, December 30, 2004

9 months stats are in. Ok so he is 10.5 mo..

So we were a little late getting in. But if the stinker would have been BORN on time, then he would be 9 months as of the 25th. So..anyhoo. Stats are stats and they are always nice to have.

Easton finally tipped the scales and is now 19lbs 4 oz! He is also 29.5 inches long. His head was 18 whatevers. I was finally happy with the way she got the numbers, normally there is dispute and for the first time she did these things correctly. She must be getting better. Easton is all caught up on shots, which I find strange since they sent a letter to me, addressing Haley, stating that we were in need of one shot and well check. Knowing they messed up and meant Easton, I was surprised he didn't need one of his series vaccinations while we were there. But you don't get to leave the doctors without getting a shot..sadly he got his other half of the flu shot. He cried only for a few seconds then had a big pouty lip. So far he seems to be handling it well.

The Dr, pushed his tummy, moved his legs, opened the diaper. Then asked me 4 questions for the well check.

Dr: Can he crawl, and pull up on things?
me: yes

Dr: Is he sitting well?
me: yes

Dr: Can he pinch with his thumb and first finger?

Dr: Is he saying any words that you can understand even if they aren't directed at anything?
me: he has said mama, dada, baba.

Dr: OK that is great. Sounds like he is doing just fine. We won't need to seem him until he is 12 mo and he will get shots then. You all have a nice new year. Buh bye.

If felt kinda weird knowing that I won't be going back to that office ever again. The office I have been going to since I was a little girl. It made me sad. It even made me a little sad knowing that even though I can not stand this new doctor, that when they said "see you next time" and when the nurse who is so annoyingly stupid was gushing over how cute Easton was and how much he has grown and how time is flying and she can't believe he is going to be one...and couldn't wait to see us in another month or so. Patheticly, I felt quilt, that I had this little secret and would never see them again. I felt like I should I have said "bye we aren't coming back".But I didn't. I just smiled and said buh bye. We even saw a questionaire, asking how they are doing, Kyle looked at me like ..HAH! we should fill it out. Its on the website to fill it out as well. I will be doing that.

So hopefully in 6 weeks when I see the new Dr we pick, I can have a rave review and gush over how much we like her. Its so hard finding that trust you need in someone to make sure your children are healthy. I need to find that trust. Hopefully I do.

I am happy my little man is getting bigger. I figured all that new weight had to be the turkey, stuffing and potatoes he can't get enough of. :) We aren't far from getting him out of that infant carseat! Not too many ounces more :)


Mrs. Flinger said...

HA! Wow.. they sure do grow fast, don't they? Almost 20 pounds! HOLY MOELY! Do you know I need to loose a whole nine month old kid to get back into my old clothes? Good grief, that's depressing.

Erin said...

He weighs more than Ben! LOL! He's also taller though. Ben's a short little cookie jar-shaped baby. ;)

I must have missed the posts on the doctor... what happened that you are switching? Just don't like this one?

Traci said...

It sounds like the new doctor will help you and daddy feel a little bit more at rest. It is never fun switching because you put so much trust in your doctors. Good news for Easton. What a great growing boy!

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