Monday, December 27, 2004

All aboard the Polar Express..

We took the kids to see the Polar Express yesterday. It was such a cute movie. Haley was perfect the entire time. She sat in her daddys lap the whole movie and didn't wiggle at all. She was very in to it. Easton on the other hand... I had to stand by the entrance at the start of the movie because all he wanted to do was stare and smile at the people behind us, climbing up me to do so. So he spent some time crawling on the floor poking at the lighted walkway. Gross I know. He was very ready for a nap so I took him in the hall area and rocked him while he cried and finally fell asleep. I went back in and sat down with a sleeping baby on me. Which is always a nice. :) He woke with about 10 min left and Kyle got up with him and stood by the entrance, while Haley sat in my lap. It was a very fun family outing. :) We haven't taken the munchkins to the movies in a long time. That was actually Eastons first time going. Haley hasn't been in quite some time. I think she earned the right to go more often now after yesterday :) She was SUCH a good girl :)


Mrs. Flinger said...

I can't wait to see it!! Sounds awesome

Mrs. Flinger said...

Oh, and we're taking LB so I'm sure my view of the flick will be the same as yours. Probably about 10 min total time of movie seen. Heh

buhtafly said...

I suggest going when its her nap time..feed her then let her snooze away...I hope you enjoy it!

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