Thursday, December 09, 2004

Thank you Freecycle

See that nifty gate around my tree? Its a supergate. I have been wanting something to put along our living room/kitchen or to put Easton in, to keep him out of trouble. I have been looking at the One Step Ahead site since Easton became mobile, drooling at the gates, just not being able to justify the prices. I have been looking on ebay as well. So I decided, I will check out freecycle. (Freecycle is a group on yahoo that you offer up your "goods" aka junk or see if someone else will offer up what you need for free) So it was worth a shot. I sent out an email, and lo behold, I got a response. We went and picked it up two days ago. Its perfect condition, with all the sides. Yes, so that $70 gate, I got for FREE. Free.


Erin said...

NICE! Yeah, I KNOW how expensive that gate is... I had to BUY mine! ;)

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