Thursday, December 30, 2004

Best Christmas Card of 2004

I hope its ok that I am blogging about this card. I don't have permission from the senders, but I figured, 1. They are my cousins, and 2. if they weren't proud of it they wouldn't have sent it. and 3..not many people read my blog anyway. So if anyone passes word along to them, that I did, tell them that I think they are pretty funny, and I hope they come check it out on my blog and leave a comment :) hehe

This card has to be, by far, the best one I got this year. I copied what it says below in case you can't read it.

Its that time of year, when good friends gather around
Where mugs of hot cocoa and Christmas boxers are found
When men of mid twenties, lacking a "Mrs" per se'
Proclaim to their familes, No we're not gay!

I saw this and could NOT stop laughing. I just can't believe they are wearing boxers and socks..I mean come on! that has to be the biggest fashion no no ever. ;) Shelton and Josh, I am getting worried about you two. hehe Was the poem written by Shelton? That was my guess, it sounded a lot like that one poem you wrote about Santa Claus. Goodness boys, Merry Christmas to you too...and I hope you have a great New Years. Hope it's not too crazy!


Traci said...

Too funny. You gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

That is one sexy card, I cant believe those guys arent married. Bree thanks for the internet publicity, weve already had a few offers to star in something called "adult entertainment", Im not sure what that means. Josh and I are still waiting for our Christmas card from you guys, we expect one with all of you in your underwear. Just kidding. Seriously Im kidding, dont send that. Hope you guys had an awesome New Year!
Shelton (Third from the right ladies)

buhtafly said...

Shelton..whats your email? I am getting tons of inquiries about you...J/K! haha no seriously though what is it? you left your post anonymously..I need your address.

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