Thursday, December 09, 2004

Can it be?

One week without a bottle for my princess. Its been a week! It wasn't even hard. I thought when this time came it would be torture! I was dreading it for so long. The last time I tried getting rid of it, she ended up wanting it all the time. So this time I thought we were in for it. So last week I went with the Doctors advice and put chocolate syrup in it. Just a little to add some flavor. Well it worked. She only asked for a bottle once, and I told her that she could have a cup. She agreed. She teased with one of Eastons, and I thats the babys, you can have a cup.. she agreed. So now the bottle has been replaced with the cup..and we have no complaints!! Its wonderful! Now, I wont get the "your toddler has a bottle still?" look anymore. And advice for those of you with little ones.. The home nurse told me to put formula in Eastons cup before 1 year, so he gets use to drinking it in a cup..because if you wait longer then that, then they get use to milk/formula in a bottle and associate it with the bottle and won't take it from a cup.. Thats what happen with Haley. So guess what I am going to do differently this time? :)


Erin said...

Yeah, I'm actually having that issue right now because I heard the same thing about putting formula in their cup early. Benjamin will take it, he just won't take more than an ounce and then he's all like,

"Duuuuude, where's the nipple, lady? I like to leisurly SUCK my lunch, not wear it! And while i'm complaining, don't you usually put JUICE in this here cup? What's with the crappy formula? Waaaaaaaaaa!"

So it's a work in progress... :\

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