Friday, December 10, 2004

The learning continues

They always say you learn something new everyday. I don't know who "they" are. But its been said. Its true too. Even at my age, I am constantly learning something new all the time. ;)

Like today for instance. It's kinda funny that my child's cartoon just taught me something I didn't know. A cartoon. I was watching the Backyardigans with the princess, it was the pirate episode. The one where my princess runs around the house going "arggggh" while swinging her left adorable. While Uniqua is singing the verse "The Jolly Roger is the pirates flag. A skull and some bones on a big black rag." and draws the skull and crossbones in the sand box. Did you know I did NOT know that the flag was called a Jolly Roger? Where have I been? I haven't studied pirates extensively or anything, but that seems like it would have been common knowledge. I watched Goonies, and Peter Pan. I also watched Pirates of the Caribbean, and been on the ride at Disneyland. Seriously, have I lived under a rock? Why haven't I heard that before?

So I thought maybe they were lying, something they made up. I googled Jolly Roger and sure enough, that's the name of it! So you really do learn something new everyday :) Did anyone else not know that? And they say cartoons don't teach your kids anything. IF they are teaching me, my children are getting something out of it too :) haha


Mrs. Flinger said...

HA HA.. That road runner taught me not to hit anyone on the head with an anvil. But if you did, they'd turn into an acordian. :-)

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