Friday, December 17, 2004

Tonight's movie pick: Supersize Me.

Supersize me was a pretty good movie. It was entertaining for the time we spent watching it since nothing else was on TV. Its not run out and buy a copy good. Just netflix good. It was crazy what happened to his body in 1 month. Although the results that happened to him were extreme since he ate McDonald's 3x a day. Who does that really? Actually, I am sure someone has. Overall it was good, it made me rethink eating out so much. But man, I can't give up those fries. Or the quickness of the drive through when we are busy busy.

A few things we pondered:
  • We won't large size/supersize so often ;)
  • I am packing the kids lunches when they go to school
  • I am going back to doing Slim in 6 more then once a week
  • I am going to drink more water.
  • I will think twice about eating nugget parts and feeding them to Haley. Although, the nuggets don't have sugar.
  • I do feel happier when I eat fries, nuggets, and cheeseburgers. Drinking the soda along with it, makes me even more happy.
  • I still really love the fries, and I crave them when I am pregnant. That's the first thing hubby asks when I say "I need some fries". Did I mention they make me feel happy? They also have no sugar. So I think a medium fry will be ok here and there. :) as long as I did my slim in 6 and drank some water. It all evens out right?
I wish they delivered, I want some fries now after watching that movie. Oh well, I am sure I can pick some up tomorrow ;) while I am out Christmas shopping, 6 days before Christmas.

Yes, I am just now starting. Can you feel my stress from there? Stores are running out of toys..yikes. Good thing Haley hasn't asked Santa for anything that is sold out. :) She hasn't sat on Santas lap yet though, so she may surprise me and understand the concept of telling him what she wants..then I might be in trouble. But her answer is usually "puppy" and we have that covered...she already has a dog, and stuffed puppies aren't too hard to find :)


Erin said...

I craved fried when I was pregnant too... like ALL the time. They only recently put up a Red Robin (bottomless fries) a few miles from my house. So I'm all set for my next pregnancy go-round. ;) LOL!

Traci said...

We watched that movie recently as well. Did you watch it on DVD with all the extras? The piece about the fried grossed me out, I am not sure if I can ever eat one again. Who knows, cravings may over-take.

Rachael said...

That movie has kept me far away from McDonalds. The DVD extras about how long the french fries lasted, blah.
I too was a fry craver when I was pregnant. Sometimes I still get urges. But I fill the void with Pizza :)

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