Monday, December 20, 2004

Santa's House

We took the kids to see Santa yesterday. He is in a little house complete with snow at 6pm. Easton was not pleased...not only is he having separation anxiety he had a little stranger anxiety as well..hehe he is looking at me like...MOM! get me!. Haley tried to escape the first time, and he grabbed her and put her on his lap anyway. She then was fine and was happy sitting there. You give her candy and she is good to go :) We took so many pictures..haha Haley in the one of the two of them, she was trying to tell the Elf, who was taking pictures that her brothers name was doush doush.

Saturday night we met our friends at the outlets (where Santa is) and were going to go look at lights, when my friend said..Santa is still here you want to take them real quick. So I said ok! We get in there and Haley was very shy, she wouldn't get near him with out me holding her. Easton on the other hand, sat in his lap fine..he wasn't completely sure what was going on and was in total AWE of Santa.. this picture..I think is going in a frame :)


Erin said...

ohmygosh! What a great picture!!!! Good snapping! ;)

Rachael said...

Ohhh that last one is way too cute. Easton definitely looks in awe. I think the one of the two together turned out pretty good too.

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