Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Christmas pictures

Here is our Family Portrait for Christmas 2004 :)

If you want to see more, there are lots more :) Click here.


Erin said...

They're all so good! Where did you guys go?

buhtafly said...

Thank you :) We went to JcPenneys. I have been so happy with them the the last 4 times we have gone. :) Pictures are so much cheaper too! you cant beat 3.99 a sheet! Only thing I hate is waiting 2 weeks to get them... haha

Erin said...

$3.99 a sheet? Picture People is $18.99!!!!! (not that I ever actually PAY that, I always have their coupons with me)

buhtafly said...

3.99 a sheet. a sheet is considered a 10x13, or 8x10, 5x7 and 3 wallets, 4-3x5, and the list goes on. Its such a great deal, thats with a coupon..its 4.99 reg. They have another deal thats 7.99 for a butt load (48?)of pics..(same pose) but its great for family :) I can't believe PP is 18 now! They were 15 when we last went! That is insane! I still have my membership there I was thinking of going but I better stock up on coupons! haha oh,and the penneys coupons are always in the magazines or coupon envelopes in the mail. oh and the membership is 30 or so, for 2 years. they take more then 5 poses too :)

Traci said...

So cute. Love the family pics. Which JCPenny did you go to, or will all of them have the same back drop?
-Your fellow Oregon blogger!

buhtafly said...

Traci, We went to the Salem Centre one. Downtown. They should all have the same backdrop, but if you go to that one, get the appt with Tina, she is the manager, and the only one we have had take them. She is AWESOME :)Tell her I sent you ;) hehe

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