Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Let the good times Roll...

I went to Bunko tonight, I walked away with 2nd most punches :) Yay me! Tonights gift was 35 smackeroos. We also had an ornament exchange..and I got a very cute snowman :) good times. good times :)

My dad watched the kids for me for a little bit until Kyle could get home from his game. My dad told Kyle that they kids were fine. But I guess after I snuck out, so the kids didn't see me leave, Haley went into the kitchen, asking for me. Then went down the hallway looking and calling for me. Then she went to the door and started crying.. I feel so bad for her. I guess maybe I should tell her I am leaving from now on, and deal with her being upset then making her think I left her. Geez, how mean of me. :(


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