Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Its all about the diapers, baby.

So the topic lately is how mommy blogs are boring. Who says? They say. "They" don't seem to think us mommies are interesting, have personality, or a sense of humor. All we talk about is diapers, babies, and puke. Well "they" are wrong. Erin says it perfectly. I always thought of myself as funny. Guess I was wrong. ;) There are a lot of great mommy blogs out there, I read several a day. I wish I had time to read more.

Anyways..who cares what they say. By the way, on the topic of diapers, have you ever seen a baby's diaper who is on the antibiotic Augmentin? Lets just say the odorless, coffee grounds in my childs diapers aren't pretty. It also takes several wipes to get the tiny amount left on the skin, off, the poop seems to hide or something. They also seem to come without warning, and quite frequently. When the pharmacist says, "may cause diarrhea"..they aren't kidding. Poor guy.


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