Thursday, December 02, 2004

Unknown Caller

Seriously. Who are you? We have caller ID, and it annoys me to no end, when UNKNOWN CALLER comes up. So, what do we do? Don't answer it. I wait til they leave a message. Do they? of course not. So then I take the chance and I answer it, and who is it? no one.. I say hello 2 times, and nothing. So I hang up. We get so many of those in a day. If they just said who they were on the answering machine, I would call them back, if I wanted to. If I didn't then they need to take the hint, and stop calling.

Just now, unknown caller called again. So thinking it could be the drs office, (trying to switch the kids to a new one) I answer. A few seconds go by, and finally a lady asks "Is Kyle or Bree there?" I of course start thinking of a fake name and why I am at the house, and say, "no they are not, can I take a message?" and she goes, "yes this is just a courtesy call from the March of Dimes ,I will call back at another time." UGH! Well then say so in the first place..when someone says hello..say Hi my name is Sally, I am with the March of Dimes, may I please speak to Kyle or Bree? Then I will say, yes this is Bree, and we can talk. Because I like the March of Dimes. They are important to my family and we give them money. I mean come on. What do they teach these people in telemarker school? If you want to talk to people, and not just listen to a baby screaming, or being spun on the kitchen counter..or sat down next to the chair and listen to the tv for a few minutes.. then just say who you are..or why you are calling, or for goodness sakes leave a message. The thought is just so beyond them. So instead we get 10 unknown callers a day. And each one, I randomly decide how to annoy them because they annoy me.


Mrs. Flinger said...

we get those same junk calls. A computer calls you and it take the people a minute to come on and sell you something. You're probably not missing much if you don't answer the unkown ones. My philophy is if they know us, they know we screen. :)

Traci said...

There is nothing worse than those irritating calls at the worst hours from companies and organizations you aren't interested in. Anyways, my father in law did some research about soliciting calls and if you immediately ask them to take you off their list they have to. If they try it again, you remind them that they were suppose to take you off the list, then on the third time, you can report it and they will be fined. (I think there is money involved for you too, not sure though) I am sure there is some website out there that has all this information.

Anonymous said...

The website is
Let them know you are on the do not call list, if they continue to call, they get in big trouble! Kristi

buhtafly said...

I think I need to turn them in...I signed up on that do not call list!! How rude that they are calling me still!! awhile ago, we paid 6 extra bucks a month to have that no solititation thing put on..maybe we need to do that again...ugh

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