Saturday, December 04, 2004

On our first vist to Urgent Care Clinic, our lovely Dr gave to us,

5 ear infections. 4 prescription slips, 3 coughing fits, 2- O2 stats and one case of pink eye!

thats my sad way of bringing humor to our day. (if you couldn't tell it was sung to the 12 days of Christmas..haha)

So I hitched a ride to the urgency care clinic with my dad since we passed on to him whatever we had at thanksgiving and he was going to go in. The kids cough has been worse and I can't seem to shake mine. Easton had a bad episode yesterday afternoon he was turning blue when he was crying and coughing.

So my dad went first, he has pink eye..that he must have got from his other grand-daughter...then he has two ear infections. So he got antibiotics.

Then it was my turn, I have bronchitis and an ear infection, I got antibiotics. She said my lungs sounded horrible.

Then Haley went and she has an ear infection, and her lungs sounded really really bad. She did an o2 saturation check on her and she is at 95%. Told me to keep watching her, but the antibiotics should clear her ear and lungs up.

Then Easton went, he has an ear infection as well, and his lungs didn't sound as bad as Haley's but he is retracting. So she wants me to watch that and said the antibiotics should help that as well..if its anything. But to keep an eye on him in case its RSV..but that she didn't think at this point it was since his lungs sounded ok. His o2 sats were better then Haleys. So its just a wait and see.

So today has been great. Kyle has been gone all morning reffing stupid basketball games and I get to deal with being sick and sick kids :) its fun stuff. We have been going on 10 days of this crud. I am hoping the antibiotics help out :)

Oh what lovely present Jack Frost has brought to our family. I hope Santa doesn't drop off a case of the stomach flu. hehe


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